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October 13 2006

New Comic at Serenity Tales. Mal and Zoe's first heist is debuted on the Serenity Tales "Big Damn Fan Comics" site.

Mal and Zoe's first heist is illustrated on the Serenity Tales "Big Damn Fan Comics" site. It's in full color, and it's the 5th comic to be posted on the month-old site.

It's a very amusing tale but I think in future it would be better to link to batches of new tales (i.e. 2 or 3 at a time) rather than individually. It'll give us more to chat about
I liked it. What odd little legs-and-feet they had, to be sure -- so quirky. And I thought the dialogue was just right.
Does the artwork for "Beginner's Luck" remind anyone else of Jhonen Vasquez's stuff? I kept expecting Gir to pop out wearing a cunning hat. Nice change of pace from the earlier, more serious stories :)
Point taken, DJ.
I really loved this, I enjoy the drawing style and I loved the story. It was very funny and well pressented. And I think there is more than a bit of truth about it (mmmmm Mal).

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