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October 13 2006

Contest for naming Node 2 of ISS. Name it Serenity? Browncoat(maiii) who posted about the Serenity DVDs going to ISS, also posted info about a contest open for teachers and students (K-12), and submissions are by either class or school. No individual submissions.

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I'm probably dating myself here, but in middle school, I got to participate in a similar project for naming the new space shuttle.

It was fun. No model involved like the ISS module contest, but we did have to come up with a fundraising shceme. And a rap song.

Yep, definitely dating myself...
I'm slightly uncomfortable with the idea getting kids to do something that's a result of a fan campaign. I'd rather it came from the heart rather from fan pressure.
I'd tend to agree.
Well I dont think this is a fan campaign, and it would be up to the teachers and students. Plus I would imagine any browncoat teachers out there would be responsible enough to not "pressure" the students to do such a thing. I would hope so. In my mind this is just letting as many people know about a contest(which i didn't know myself), and a suggestion of "wouldnt it be cool if you did this with the class" sort of thing. And this would be a great fun way to explore science in the classroom, I would have loved to participate in this.

ETA: A real fan campaign would be to get Nasa or maybe Virgin Galactic , or another company to name one of the space vehicles Serenity.

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Before Serenity the movie, there was Serenity adult diapers. I'm not sure which image is more likely to be evoked by mainstream folks if you say 'Serenity', but that might be a roadblock to having a NASA shuttle named after our beloved movie.

Or maybe I'm just weird. Well, I *am* weird, to be sure...
Rogue Slayer, I think you're right. Joss should've called the movie "River Deep, Malcolm High". Guaranteed to grab the urban crowd, old folk like me, and the stupider Lord of the Rings fans, who'd assume River Deep was near Helm's Deep.

Yep, definitely dating myself...

Me too. I told myself I'd never tell anyone, but your bravery in being so open about it has given me strentgh I never knew I had. Thank you!

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For me, the "Serenity Diapers" product has always been the elephant in the room, Rogue Slayer. I've never quite been able to get it out of my head... (Even moreso than the "Serenity Prayer.")

Yet I do think it would be cool to name it that if it meant something to a preponderance of kids and teachers.

ETA: jlv, you may be dating yourself, but I just won a bet with myself that you'd make this joke. What did I win, I wonder?

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I'd like to point out that Mal was wearing Serenity Adult Diapers during the Mal/Inara 'wave' scene in the movie. Joss just totally messed up the framing for the product placement.
Give yourself a hand, QuoterGal.
I was scrolling down thinking "Damn it to hell, jlv is going to beat me to that joke...". 150 cool guy points for me...
In terms of the name Serenity, well before the movie, I did not know anything about the Serenity adult diapers(maybe I am dating myself... which I couldn't blame myself for doing b/c I am such a handsome guy). And if you look at the names of the rovers, Spirit and Oppurtunity, I think Serenity matches the pattern of words. I think thats the important thing, what does Serenity mean for people in general? If you ask them what does it mean to them, I doubt many of them think adult diaper, and some of the may refer to the Serenity Prayer, but for the most part there will probably be diverse answers.

Just like the ship Serenity meant something different to each of the characters, I am sure it means something different to each fan. It is a name in my mind's eye which evokes our desire to have peace in this world. Which is why besides it being a name from a Firefly, it is a great name for vehicles which are designed to bring humans out there into space.
Hmm, so Mal was an alcoholic ship captain who wore adult diapers...
Rogue Slayer, didn't Serenity's working title ("ALCOHOLIC SHIP CAPTAIN IN ADULT DIAPERS") give it away? I campaigned for that to replace "The future is worth fighting for" on the posters.
Well, nothing can beat 'Alcoholic Snakes in Adult Diapers on a Ship', but no one asked my opinion when it was name-picking time.
ETA: jlv, you may be dating yourself, but I just won a bet with myself that you'd make this joke. What did I win, I wonder?

a. A year's subscription to Playboy?
b. A night on the town to see billz and Pointy in their Broadway revival of Death of a Salesman?
c. A loonnggg dinner conversation with a chained-down Hugh Hefner?
d. A year's worth of relaxaton 'cause Willowy will have to do all your graphic artistry as well as her own for disagreeing with you on that thread back there?
e. Reserved for Joss' Hall of Fame Trophy.
f. The opportunity to illustrate the memoirs of all four of newcj's personas?
g. Having zeitgeist come over every Saturday to read aloud the entire works of Charles Dickens...or maybe just the dirty parts--he's a busy man?
h. Lunch with Jane Espenson--your choice of appertizer to be duly noted on her blog?
i. The relief of seeing me finally make gossi happy by including The Hoff--whatever the hell that means--in a joke?
j. The right to bask in Saje's brilliance for another year without paying the subscription fee he's going to start charging the rest of us?
k. The right to charge me if you have to read any more of my garbage?
l. The satisfaction of seeing me banned for using all these folk's names without permission?


m. Kittens!?
I'd buy 'i' for a dollah!
b. A night on the town to see billz and Pointy in their Broadway revival of Death of a Salesman?

And it's a musical version! With The Hoff as Biff! (Your turn, jlv -- BTW, you'd better reserve tickets for yourself and your lovely date jlv quick, as I hear it's going to close on opening night!) ;-)
As enticing as each and every one of these Prizes is, jlv (and I'd walk a country mile to see Prize B,) I think I'll have to go for H, with simply scads of attendant !Kittens!, jalepeno poppers and no Heffs allowed.

Or a light olive green dress with little studs around the hem.

Or Miss Scarlett in the Library with a Candlestick.

Wait, did I win again?

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