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October 13 2006

Serenity - River Triumphant Statue now available at for pre-order. "A Diamond Select Release! From the climactic final battle comes this latest Serenity release - the River Triumphant statue!".

"She may be a psychotic killing machine, but River Tam can do some serious damage - especially against an army of Reavers! Standing seven inches tall, this Michael Norman sculpt is in-scale with past action figure releases to create the ultimate Serenity display. Limited to 1,000 pieces, each statue features a hand-numbered base with matching box and Certificate of Authenticity."

I'm so hoping this gets turned into (an) action figure(s), now that they've got a River mold anyway. The statue's just outside of my price range.
Well, the statue has been available for pre-order on TFAW for almost a month now. (I know for sure, I pre-ordered in on 09/19 :) ). What I see is new is the exact release date, I think, February 28!
I just got it in my weekly update. So I assumed it was new.
But why is her dress green? In the movie it's a lovely blue. Weird.
a. They already had the green paint out for the Reavers.
b. It's soaked in Reaver blood, which turns green after too much Pax.
c. Subconsciously the painter was thinking about his upcoming trip to Ireland.
d. Summer finds green flattering.
e. her dress was green. Light olive green. With little studs around the hem. Trust me.
I think it's safe to take Joss' word on this one. 'Cuz if you can't trust Joss. Who can you trust?
I can't wait to get this. I ordered mine from the BCC the day it went up last month. This is my favorite moment of any movie ever!
Uh, i'm going to trust miss emelia. Wait, this isn't emeliaesque?
Henceforth on any list I might do, even unto the end of time as we know it, item "e." shall not be present, as it has been retired to the Hall of Fame. There's a "little studs" joke to be made in there, but in deference--read: awe--of He-Who-Brings-Me-To-Tears-With-His-Brilliance it shall remain unmade--unless zeitgeist wants to take a swing?
"e" is so the answer, but I did laugh very hard at "a" and "c".
Okay, so I just cracked out my Serenity HD-DVD thang and checked (yes, I just checked on you Joss.. I wasn't sure if you were joking). And, funnily enough, you wasn't. It's a green dress.

I could have absolutely sworn it was blue.

It looks like between finding out about the Miranda secret, and getting back on board Serenity for Mal's big speechification, there was a costume change. Of course, if you're gonna fight Reavers, you gotta do it stylishly.
Cool, today's Joss post was brought to you by the letter 'e' and the number 146011. Feel all edumacated.

I also could've sworn it was blue but i'm in a contrary mood this a.m. so i'm gonna choose to believe that it was blue and evil pixies then went back and changed every copy of 'Serenity' in existence along with Joss' mind (and the actual dress) somehow missing me (I was probably in the loo or something) so that I alone know the truth. Sounds plausible. Bloody evil pixies.
I'm trying to work a joke about The Hoff into evil pixies, but unfortunately can't. But it's my firm belief that The Hoff should be part of every joke, ever.
gossi, why didn't you tell me sooner? No wonder all my jokes are such crap.

Saje, could your evil pixies also be little studs, or are all pixies female? I really am this dumb.
jlv - all evil pixies are, in fact, male. And look like David Hasslehoff.

See - that was funny. In my head.
But see, we being asked two different things here. One, to believe that her dress was green when we all remember the blue one better, and second, to trust Joss.
Do I go with one? Both? Such decisions.
Wasn't there a fandom saying at one point, during the Buffy days, of 'Trust in Joss' or some such?

I hear Joss has seen Serenity twice*, so I'll believe him this time.

*Figure may be wrong by a few zeros. Standard disclaimers apply. You do not need to purchase this post to be elligable for the prize.
So that's what The Hoff means. Does that make Pam Anderson The Andes?--'cause I can see those. I need to catch up on my pop culture references. You guys are way ahead of me--and gossi, your joke exhibited extra-cranial humor, also.
evil pixies then went back and changed every copy of 'Serenity' in existence along with Joss' mind

We did no such thing and we resent your accusations! Also, last I checked we're female. Unless men have boobs now. It's possible. These are strange days we live in.

I preordered mine from tfaw a few weeks ago. Here's hoping I manage to get one. It would suck if there weren't enough.

[ edited by EvilFirePixie8 on 2006-10-14 20:35 ]
Wow, we were so wrong today that we got corrections from both Joss and the Pixies. And video of The Hoff. Yep, gooooooood day. *goes back to checking the couch cushions for more money for personal Buy River Reaver Statue fund* ;-)
The blue dress is definitely more memorable - the incredible wind-up-the-dress-but-not-in-a-revealing-way shot sticks in the mind like nothing else - but I'm gonna have to just trust Joss with this one.
I thought it was blue too but Joss is the boss.
joss: "Trust me."

I dunno, the last guy that said that to me took my tonsils out anyway.
gossi, regarding The Huff....there are just no word.

Joss, thank you for setting the record straight. I of course will always believe you, no matter what these other fools say :) cuz after all it *is* Whedonesque and not JLVesque or sajesque or gossiesque (ya, I went there). Although I bet JLVesque would be quite humorous.
Also, last I checked we're female. Unless men have boobs now. It's possible. These are strange days we live in.

I preordered mine from tfaw a few weeks ago.

I read this and was reminded of Badger's "I've got my hand on a couple" line.
Blue=cold, dead (like Miranda), green=summer, alive (like the reborn River)?

[ edited by Pointy on 2006-10-15 08:08 ]
Interesting thought, Pointy, but having just rewatched Serenity at a shindig last night, the boss is right - it is a dull olive green, almost khaki, so more military than summery, in my opinion.
Harmalicious, I'm afraid any jlvesque would be hopelessly bereft of material unless I padded it with pictures of Mal riding ponies backwards while reading Simon/Zoe/Niska PWP fanfic, and home-made vids of Harmony fighting Xander in her birthday suit on her birthday, while he tries to cover her geometric shapes with large yellow crayons tossed to him in rapid staccato fashion by a beaming Drusilla who is somehow also managing to juggle a defiant Miss Edith and the blood-soaked antlers of a chaos demon.

And speaking of Summer, did anyone see this pic of her? One of the loveliest photographs I've ever seen.

By the by, Harmalicious, I checked out your blog a while back. Very entertaining--you should post more often than quarterly.
OK, so padding would be fun :) I want to see Mal on the horse.

Summer is gorgeous, what a stunning woman!

Ya, I do need to post more and I got a kick ass Ken Jennings story.
jlv, as much as I'd like to see the backwards pony riding, I'd prefer you using the Summer pic you linked as the filler. She looks *smokin'* hot (and, bonus, she's completely dressed -- we don't need to start a debate about the photo shoot!)! ;-)
Shades of green, Lioness, do introduce shades of gray. Subtle. Very subtle. :)

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