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October 14 2006

Mercedes McNab to sign Playboy at Virgin in Hollywood. On October 19th, ask Mercedes in person what she thought about her nude photo shoot for Playboy when she has a signing of the magazine at the Virgin Megastore at Highland and Hollywood in Los Angeles. Don't let the irony of the location keep you from attending!

I had seen a Virgin ad in the LA Weekly newspaper mentioning the in-store appearance, but this was the only weblink about it I could find; hope it's OK, mods!

The URL I linked to also mentions that Mercedes' new film, "Hatchet," will be screening at ScreamfestLA on October 21st. More information, and a link to buy tickets, can be found on the ScreamfestLA homepage (about 2/3 of the way down the page).

here we go again...
...looking better than a body's got a right to...(with all due respect to Dolly Parton).
I find the phrase "Playboy at Virgin" amusing...
I heard a rumour that the pictures were taken in Italy.Anybody else hear that.
I find the phrase "Virgin in Hollywood" quite amusing, myself. The rest of the issues (no, not the magazine issues), I am steering well clear of.
I always get a chuckle out of "Virgin Olive Oil".
And steering in the general direction of issues, but turning off at Valencia toward the TPB, Mercedes' first scene in this new movie Hatchet has her canoodling, topless, with another girl, also topless. Whether she's objective or objecting to the objectifying I know not.
To clarify, I'm steering clear of the magazine issues as well.

And I agree, jlv, "Virgin Olive Oil" is chuckle-worthy. How does olive oil lose its virginity, anyway? Anything to do with Popeye? Okay, this is heading for dangerous territory.

Hey! How about them personal choice issues??!! *Digs vigorously, trying to extricate self from hole of which self is sole proprietor.*
I'm glad you enjoyed the headline, guys, and thanks for saying so. I was indeed going for the funny up there, just reporting the news while also hoping we can avoid all those *ahem* issues.

[ edited by swanland on 2006-10-14 15:25 ]

Volume V
Issue 12
Available Everywhere on 11/05

This Issue:

Internet Protocols For The Disapproving and Embarrassed*: An Emotionally Charged Look at a Major Problem Today.

by SangChaud, world-renowned expert on all things virginal.


Next issue read SangChaud's ground-breaking TRIPLE review of:
Ingmar Bergman's "The Virgin Spring"
Sofia Coppola's "The Virgin Suicides"
Judd Apatow's "The 40 Year Old Virgin"

Find out the TRUTH at last: Do all these films really share the same screenplay?

*swanland, please change this b4 deadline, looks too much like "bare-assed". Remember, this is a magazine for impressionble teens.--ed.
I think everyone's kidding, but just in case, pleeeeeezze don't put Mercedes McNab on the spot by asking her, um, "Pointy"-d questions! If she spontaneously offers information without prompting, however, up to and including that the photo shoot was her favorite and most enjoyable ever, and a strong blow in her personal fight for female empowerment, I'll be most interested in reading it. Not saying I'm gonna agree, but I would like to know what she has to say about it. And I think people understand that professionalism does place limits on what she can say about a shoot for a magazine that she's promoting and that's promoting her. And I'm going to a museum now, so no comments from me, nope, not for some time . . .

(Walks away from the computer, casually whistling.)
I'm disappointed this thread has generated only 10 comments so far, so I'm adding an eleventh.
Reddygirl, then you must really be disappointed so many of them are mine. Others, please post to dilute the aroma of jlv in this thread. I promise I'll be quiet. I won't even whistle.
This is a really excellent topic and one I've wished to see discussed on the site for quite some time.

"You guys are my best friends
Through thick and thin, we've always been together
We're four of a kind, havin' fun all day
Pallin' around and laughin' away
Just best friends, best friends are we.

Aw, I love you guys."/Cartman

Though I live in West Hollywood, and Virgin is a mere stone's throw away, I've checked my calendar, and it looks like I'll be washing my hair or babysitting or something that night.

But if I did go, I'd go commando.
I love the smell of jlv in the morning.

QG, bwahaha.
Since I live about a million kilometres away (more like a few thousand) and on the opposite side of the continent (not to mention across an international border;D), I can't attend and see if anything related to our discussions comes up;)

Personally, I wish Mercedes an enjoyable signing session with the least amout of weirdoes possibly. That and a ton of supportive fans.

And I presume virgin olive oil doesn't contain an ingredient that makes regular olive oil a lot more potent. No olives pits in the mixture perhaps?
I dunno, I think it would be really akward asking someone to sign a playboy they posed nude in. I mean, its basically the same as walking up to someone on the street and saying "hey! nice cans!

its basically the same as walking up to someone on the street and saying "hey! nice cans!

It's even worse than that, Resolute -- it's like going up to someone on the street and buying a bunch of pictures of their nice cans. Then asking them to sign it. ;-)

And, do I have to do everything myself? (from the Wiki page on Olive Oil -- why, yes, there is a Wiki page on Olive Oil, why do you ask?):

* Virgin means the oil was produced by the use of physical means and no chemical treatment. The term virgin oil referring to production is different from Virgin Oil on a retail label.
* Refined means that the oil has been chemically treated to neutralize strong tastes (characterized as defects) and neutralize the acid content (free fatty acids). Refined oil is commonly regarded as lower quality than virgin oil; the retail labels extra-virgin olive oil and virgin olive oil cannot contain any refined oil.

Well, enjoy your signing, Ms. McNab! Sorry I can't be there, what with me living in another state and all. Have lots of fun and sell lots of magazines! :-)
QuoterGal - That was Bazarro Cartman that sang that song. You know, with the gotee.
I must be tired cause I seriously misread Reddygirl's last post.
Harm: "QuoterGal - That was Bazarro Cartman that sang that song. You know, with the gotee."

Yup. *grin* That makes you hella smart.

And that was Bizarro QuoterGal who commented.

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2006-10-15 04:49 ]
Resolute: It's really more like someone asking, "Do you like my cans?" and you responding, "Yes, those are some nice cans."

I suppose there's an argument to be made that not having a Playboy signed is rude - akin to saying, "No, I do not like those cans." A stupid argument, but an argument all the same.
I live two blocks from there, and shop there pretty regularly, but my sixth sense is telling me I'll have crucial nail care concerns at that time, and be unable to attend.

Totally OT, but I can't find a better thread to mention it. I have two tickets for the Chainsaw awards in downtown LA tomorrow night. And given the weekend I'm having, they're wasted on me. I'm assuming that since they're email tickets, I could just forward the email to whoever wants them. So if somebody knows for sure how Ticketmaster email tickets work, wants to go, and can email me by 5:30 a.m. tomorrow (I'll have about a ten minute window to check my email, after that I'm gone), they're yours, first come first served. Otherwise, I'm afraid my twisted sense of thrift may drag my exhausted ass downtown, never to return. Save me.
There shall be no going off topic here.

If today is Sunday, and I believe it is, then tomorrow is the day for jaynelovesvera's doctor visit. If you do a thing, it's a fine time to light candles/incense/flashbombs.
Thanks for the reminder, Pointy. *lights everything that will light*
I'll be doing my thing, Pointy, which will include a dance of supplication, hopefully followed on Monday by a Dance of Joy! No flashbombs, however ;-).
jlv, in my mind, you're already back & giddy with relief. I'll be thinking of you...

(*Lights stuff on fire with Pointy, billz, samatwitch and others.)

"Prayer is translation. A man translates himself into a child asking for all there is in a language he has barely mastered." -- Leonard Cohen, F., Beautiful Losers, 1970.
JLV, I'm sending you healing vibes.

QuoterGal, I love Leonard Cohen and that's a beautiful quote.
Thanks, Reddygirl, innit? LC's been my guy since I was 16 -- so a few years.

Did you see/like "I'm Your Man"?
Yes, I did. And loved it. LC is just a fascinating person
somehow i thought this might be pertinent when i read it this morning:
Gonnas -- I nearly spit my water on the monitor chuckling at your post. Well done.

*runs off to grab and dust off some LC to spin-- suzanne, perhaps. and then wonders: why are we all talking in italics?*
Because, barest_smidgen, we care so passionately. And possibly there's a missing "/" before the invisible "i" at the start of this intense, emphatic exchange. !
I'll just add Hallelujah.

Just thought I would stop the italics. No time to comment except to say, whatever you all are talking about going on with JLV today, my best thoughts for good news are with you, JLV.
Well, then, Reddygirl (she said with un-italicized passion), you would be right and you should get thee hence.
barest_smidgen:: "...and then wonders: why are we all talking in italics?"

*hangs head* That was me. I forgot to close a tag, and then didn't realize that it affected the way everyone saw it. Apo-logies.

Mmmm. Buckley's version of Hallelujah (though I like RW's, too.) Thanks, bs, for the link to thread...

Hey, there, ajay42, although I'm a member of the NYTimes on-line, I don't subscribe to "TimesSelect" and can't find a copy of the article text online elsewhere. Any chance you could get my email address from my profile & send me the copy? I would surely muchly appreciate it.
Newcj, for more regarding jlv, check out my first post on this thread. (I don't know how to link to specific posts within a thread.)
Pointy, click on the date/time "stamp" next to your name underneath the specific post, and the link to the comment shall appear in the URL address "strip". Nifty, huh?
Nifty. Thank you, QuoterGal! Now I can take my self-referentiality to a whole new level.
"I often quote myself. It adds spice to my conversation."

-- George Bernard Shaw

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