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October 15 2006

Numb3rs Season 2 (R1) DVD was released this past week. The show stars 2 former verse guest Navi Rawat (Dana - Angel) and David Krumholtz (Mr Universe - Serenity). Navi got main cast credit in the 2nd season of the show.

Plus if you listen closely you might think there may be a few verse fans among the writers of the series. Watching the episode 'Bettor or Worse' there is a reference made to a theory called 'Wolfram'. Just a strange little coincidence, but fun.

I watch far to may verse related shows. :)

Other verse related guest were Tamara Taylor (Teacher - Serenity).

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I haven't ever seen the show numb3rs, but as far as I know a mathematician is the main character. Wolfram is in the mathematical world mainly the name of the software company which publishes mathematica (one of the most popular computer algebra programs). It is named after its (co-)founder Steven Wolfram, who also created some interesting ideas about science in general, which some would call Wolfram theory.

So it might very well be possible that the name Wolfram appearing in this show has nothing to do with a certain LA law firm, though it is a nice coincidence.
I know I just thought it was fun because it came up in dialouge between Navi and David's characters.
I absolutely LOVE this show. It's so smart and it's incredibly well-written. David Krumholtz (Mr. Universe) plays Charlie Eppes, a mathematician, who is a professor at a fictional university called CalSci (since they couldn't use CalTech, though they film the class scenes there). He uses math to help his brother Don (Ron Morrow) who is an FBI agent with his investigations.

My favorite part really is that it is well-written, the math is as accurate as it really could be (they have a CalTech prof consulting on set) and the cast and producers and writers are the nicest people. The creators of the show regularly post on a fan message board and answer questions and even post photos and behind the scenes stuff. I like the fan connection.

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I agree... numb3rs is a great show. I'm not usually a big fan of crime shows, but this one hooked me because of the math angle and the interesting characters. Besides, how can anyone NOT love David Krumholtz?
He is just all kinds of adorable, isn't he..the hair, the wit, the "ooh ooh a math problem!" enthusiasm. He really sells that he is a mathematician.

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