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July 24 2002

"New" cast photo. Apparently released as an official cast photo for Season 7, there's nothing 'new' about it. That's definitely a Photoshop job.

(spoilers ahead)

[oops! Sowwy! -Z]

Weird pic. The guys look completely cutnpasted in. Anthony Stewart Head won't be more than an occasional performer until the last half of the season. He'll make an appearance in the first episode or two until Willow's back in Sunnydale, then he might show up more often as the season nears its end. ASH is scheduled to work for Manchild until around early October, and he's tired of commuting from England to California.

I agree it does look like a touched up photo, a redesign of some season six cast photos I saw around this time last year. It doesn't show anything new. We know those actors (except for ASH) will be regulars throughout most of season seven. It doesn't reveal the rumored new characters, who may not even be cast yet IF they're gonna happen at all. I doubt this is 'official.' It looks too clean, touched up, and the lighting is all wrong compared to the accompanying background.

Nice tat on Willow's ankle. What are those? Dolphins?

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And lookie here, it's the original shot. Which was already tampered with in the first place.
One of the least convincing photoshop jobs i've seen in quite a while...yuck.
Didn't realize Marsters was so tall----LOL ;)
Yeah the tatt Alyson has on her ankle are "tribal dolphins", apparently. :)
So sad that they are pretending this is new. That is a photo from last year - Season 6. Back in Season 6 and again now, they have pasted in a picture of Tony.
The more I look at this picture, the funnier it gets. I think the guys are supposed to be standing on tires, hence the 'height' thing. Although the girls are all wearing high heels which add to the almost optical illusion kinda thing going on. Xander looks like he has a giant baseball bat stuck on his head. And a pipe's coming out of Giles' head. And that TIE! LOL! Michelle Trachtenberg got her wish -- she's not wearing tennis shoes this season. *smirk*

Really hopefully soon they'll come out with real promo shots for this season, since they should be in full production mode by now.

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