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October 15 2006

Universal HD's Firefly trailer. Curious to see how how the cable channel sells the show? Well look no further. "Where the western frontier meets the final frontier". It makes an interesting companion piece to the less than gripping Firefly DVD trailer.

The Western aspect as a selling point, rather than trying to pretend it's not there. How about that? People know what they're getting, instead of tuning in, seeing horses and going, "Whaaaaa?"
That's cool.
Very cool. I love it.

We had our DVR set to record Firefly every episode in HD but it has screwed up every ep. The first one started recording 8 minutes into the ep, the next at about 5. And the third ep only recorded 22 minutes.

I hope they rerun the series so I can catch them all before they record. Hi-def is so good!
I was surprised at how good the episodes look. One of these days I'm going to put in the DVDs while the HD episodes are airing to compare, but either way I've been impressed. If only the channel aired Firefly more often; they don't exactly have a deluge of quality programming they must air.
Ooh, it's Sunday. Time to set the DVR for Shindig.
Nice trailer! I agree with pat...kind of cool when it's promoted correctly. Too bad it's 4 years too late.
The comments are very very positive on the Unviersal HD site. Always nice to see Browncoats represent like that.

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