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October 17 2006

Being Wonder Woman for Halloween, the costume decoded. A cute article about what halloween costume you wear might say about you. "The famous super-heroine remains a perennial favorite at Halloween time." Wonder Woman is listed among the 5 female costumes discussed.

One of the experts is from Sunnyvale, CA. Interesting! Meanwhile, I wish we celebrated Halloween here. I'd think about going as Snow White. Read into it what you will.
What? No love for Jem and the Holograms. Where is the 80's cartoon rockstar love? Guess it's just not that popular...
Already got my costume!! I'm so looking forward to kicking some butt as THE WW. ahem, I have pictures of me sporting this lovely get up at flikr, ahem. And yes, I'm extremely self confident :)
Oh, Harm. You are rocking those star-spangled pretties, you Amazon you. Well done, girl! I have no doubt you'll be considered, should they choose to make a movie of this little Wonder Woman story. I touch the bracelets on both of my arms together in your honor. :)

Fun little link, RavenU.
I am donning the silver cuffs my own self this year. I figure this is a good year to do it because next year she'll be all over the place. HOPEFULLY! Oh yeah and now I'm back to Lurkdom...
Aw shucks, barest. Thanks!
Great outfit, Harm, very shiny!
Harmalicious, you *rock*, girl! ;-)

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