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October 17 2006

Boreanaz Trades Bones for Balls. As a celebrity owner of a fantasy football team in the NFL Total Access Hollywood League, Tall-Dark-&-Forehead is 3-3 on the season and on-deck to appear on the Wednesday night football show.

Each week, celeb owners are featured on the Wednesday night Total Access program on the NFL network to talk (american) football and interview a player. Boreanaz is the only owner to not yet appear, so is expected to turn up tomorrow night or on next week's show. Also, see Week Two for our favorite "poncy bugger" pitching a fit about the league rules.

"Tall dark and forehead" "poncy bugger" and "pitching a fit" aren't the most respectful choice of words.
Is anyone else laughing so much they can't breath?

I know absolutely nothing about fantasy football. But it does seem to be something of an obsession of DB's, which I seem to remember him mentioning in a recent interview. If he's getting out of line in that venue, is that something you could judge, city of, or do you have no idea, as I don't? Meanwhile barest_smidgen's quotes are all from Angel or Buffy scripts.
Yes ... barest_smidgen's quotes were all from Buffy/Angel scripts, but they were always insults leveled at a character ... here a real person is being referred to ... Also, pitching a fit may be a bit of an overstatement. According to the week 2 article DB was 'irate' because a rule restricted who he could 'start' in his game, and went over the commissioner's head to question it. Guess it depends on your definition of 'pitching a fit'.
Thanks resa. That's what I meant. Dreamlogic, I don't know what you're asking.
Sorry if that came off wrong, y'all. I was being silly to reflect the tongue-in-cheek tone of the Hollywood League commentary. The fantasy football commish gives buddy DB a good-natured hard time for his rules-grousing, all full of mock-indignation, and it reminded me of the fun Spike/Angel bickering. Thus, me, with the (what I thought were) fun quotes. Tone is hard in text. My bad, I guess. :)
DB must love fantasy football, because he does blog about it a lot. This sounds like they have lots of fun, but I have no idea how the scoring is figured out. I know it's something about how the player does in his actual game that week, but beyond that -- *crickets*. I remember there was something on James Gunn's blog about Elizabeth Banks's husband writing a book about fantasy football -- can't remember the details, oh, well.

barest_smidgen, I got that they were Buffy/Angel quotes. :-)
No worries here barest_smidgen. I figured that they were tongue-in-cheek quotes but I've learned never to take stuff for granted ... It is hard to tell tone in text.
I got that they were Buffy/Angel quotes as well. They just weren't respectful when applied to a real person, just like they weren't respectful in the show. But I'm not suprised no one else here cares and likes to do little smileys at people that insult him.

[ edited by cityof on 2006-10-18 16:51 ]
Smidge, your tongue in cheek seemed pretty obvious to me and made me smile before I clicked on the comments. Apparently the affection that oozed from my computer when I read the overall post description, did not translate for everyone.

cityof, I have no doubt barestsmidgen would have created a simarly tongue in cheek and affectionate discription if the subject had been any number of other actors from the Whedonverse with no disrespect meant for any of them.
cityof - no one here was intending to be insulting. When questioned about it, the Original Poster explained their intent and it seems it was obvious to others what the intent was. The tone of your last sentence is, quite frankly, out of line. The implication seems to be the same one so often heard from shippers when they feel their favorite character is being unjustly maligned - Whedonesque hates character/actor X, which is absolutely and utterly untrue. If you'd like to discuss this further my email is in my profile, otherwise I expect this to be the last word on this particular topic.

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