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October 18 2006

The latest Dear Roj note from Jewel Staite. The Serenity Cubed convention, Snapple and Stargate Atlantis all get a mention.

Ooh, a few Stargate episodes, sounds good (so long as they're not killing Beckett cos then i'm ambivalent).

Lassie knows how to have a good time, hats off to her (Vegas, baby, Vegas ;) and it's good to hear she enjoys the con experience. Also had no idea that Vancouver had beaches, new info bonus +100 pts ;).

(I take it Snapple's some kind of apple drink, BTW ?)
Good guess, Saje, but Snapple is just lots of different kinds of juices, though of the kind that are, you know, only about 10% real juice if you read the small print.
Various Iced Tea drinks, really, but the name came from a carbonated apple juice beverage that was part of their original line.
Aha, everyone's right (sort of, ish, not really), it's like a perfect world ;). Ta for the info peeps.

We used to have a similar juices + sugar/colourants/preservatives/heavy metals/sawdust type of drink called 'Um Bongo' (the jingle went 'Um Bongo, Um Bongo, they drink it in the Congo' because it was supposedly tropical fruits). Not sure if it's still around.
Heh, see here. There's even a link to hear the song! Back on topic, Jewel's posts are always entertaining :) /waits for some rumor site to grab ahold of the 'especially Sean Maher' line and make something up.
I love reading her posts... always so fascinating, and funny, and I can imagine her voice in my head saying those things. Well, its not like I hear her voice in my head all the time... what? Im not crazy man!!

It would be nice if all of the Verse actors would do that *sigh* I know.. a boy can dream can't I? And did you notice the term something fierce? I do not know if that is in common usage, butthe one time I heard that was in Firefly...

Well I would like to know what happened Sean Maher... anyone want to fill me in?
kurya, I think Jewel was referring to the convention panel where she and Sean macked (though it was a generally chaste moment) in front of an auditorium full of people;)

Pictures and possibly vid are out there...sorry about not being able to supply links:(
Jewel is almost certainly referring to this, from the closing ceremony. Sean was kidding around, then got all serious and said he loves coming to the cons, and particularly he loves Jewel. He actually got a littled choked up, and then Jewel came up from her table and stood behind him, lips pursed for a kiss. There was much cheering and Sean was confused until he turned around and saw her, which resulted in a lovely kiss!

[ edited by RachVG on 2006-10-18 19:59 ]
OH lord, that is so sweet and awesome. Thanks for the pictures RachVG They make a good couple, well except for the fact she is married.
Jewel: "...because nothing says romance like champagne and slot machines!"

Cute. Like she is. There's something so enthusiastic & dear about Jewel, which comes across in her writing.
Also had no idea that Vancouver had beaches, new info bonus +100 pts ;).

Saje, not only do we have beaches (lots of beaches, about 11 miles worth!), we also have mountains - three ski hills within the Greater Vancouver area. (Another bonus 100 points for learning that!) On a good day in the winter, you can ski in the morning and golf in the afternoon, if you are so inclined. Check this out for more information. FYI, the beach in the small picture is about a 10 minute walk from where I work - 15 minutes from where I live.

Back on topic, I had an opportunity to talk to Jewel at the opening night of Matt's sketch comedy group's latest production. (She had invited our Browncoat group to come and 15 of us did.) She seemed happy to be recurring (I asked) on Atlantis and was very happy not to be in prosthetics this time!
As a non-native I will testify that Pacific Northwest, USA and BC, Canada = good times (...says the East coast girl with a sigh.)

My 10 year old son fell in love with Oregon this summer and it killed me that I didn't have time to show him Seattle, Vancouver and Victoria as well. His exact words after I said that I had taken him there to show him a place I love were, "...and now I love it too."

Next time I have to specifically take him to Washington State and BC.
Seattle may be the "Emerald City", but Vancouver (BC) has the one and only Jewel ;-). The Pacific Northwest (BC & US) is a great place to live - and to visit. Speaking as a totally unbiased person, of course!
Saw a list a while back which had Vancouver as Best City in the World to live in and now I know why samatwitch ;).

(wasn't some random internet poll either it was compiled based on standard of living, crime rates, access to healthcare etc.)

Really must go west at some point (not in the euphemistic sense, i'm gonna avoid that forever if possible or, y'know, 'go west' in the attempt ;) since I noticed last year that all my travelling's been eastwards (in fact the furthest West i've been's Wales - haven't even been to Ireland !).
We're totally coming to see you sometime soon, samatwitch. My best friend is a flight attendant and has been all over the world... and more than the astonishing cities of Europe, the vibrant destinations in South America, the glorious islands of the world, etc., she ranks Vancouver as her favorite. The mountains, the beaches, the restaurants, the weather, the culture, plus Jewel, the social butterfly browncoats, and our own dear samatwitch? I'm in.
I want to come visit Vancouver, too, reading all these great things! :-)

Thanks so much for linking us to the latest from Jewel, Simon. She just sounds like the most fun (Vegas for her husband's birthday, yo!), nice woman based on how she writes her Dear Roj posts. And, yes, kurya, I hear her voice reading them, too, not in a creepy way, but in a "this is so full of her personality!" way. ;-)
Come on up, billz, Browncoats are always welcome. Let us know with a few days' warning and we'll have a Shindig in your honour as I've already told members on the Library. Can't wait, barest.
You *rock*, samatwitch! No wonder the Pants Army (TM) is gathering on another thread to take over your beautiful country -- it's because you Canadians are so friendly, who wouldn't want to invade and live amongst you! (But I suppose my very own Shindig would be a good start, and involve much less invading.) ;-)

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