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October 18 2006

Wonder Woman Day. To be held in Portland, Oregon on the 29th of this month. So if you live in the area or thereabouts and want to know more about this legendary comic book character, why not pop along?

Have I said recently how much I love Portland? I have? Oh. Okay, never mind.
Portland seems to be the fandom capital of the world.
This town is deeply strange.
It's more than that, Simon. It's more like...well...what theonetruebix said. As an outsider I have always loved Portland's wonderful willingness to have a good time by enjoying all that life has to offer. Intellectual is combined with the silly and the beautiful, the natural and the man made while all are celebrated. least that has been my take on things during the time I have spent there.

Hey, you got to love a place where at a beautifully catered outdoor wedding the bride in full regalia gets up during the reception to expertly perform full out with her Japanese drum group. Fun!
Portland sounds pretty cool. Maybe I should move there.
Wonder Woman Day was a great event. Big turnout! The event raised over 15 thousand dollars for both Raphael House of Portland and Bradley Angle House
Here's a link:

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