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October 18 2006

Buffy alum to star in ER? Michael Ausiello over at TV Guide has the scoop. But he doesn't reveal which male Buffy regular is one of the finalists for the ER role.

I'm going to go with Nick Brendon.

Fans of Nick would love to see him back on primetime... ...he could steal away John Stamos' love interests... ...or hook up with one of the Freaks from Freaks and Geeks... :)
I'm going with Marc Blucas. He has that ER feel about him.
I agree, it's most likely to be Blucas, though I'd love it to be Marsters. I really can't see NB in this as he seems to be looking to do more comedy than drama.
I agree, Blucas seems to fit ER. Or could it be Seth Green?...
I think it has to be Blucas, myself. Marsters has announded some other projects. I'd be happy if it were Brendan, though.
Hey! What about Anthony Head? Cuz what better match for the lady-who-was-Velma than the man-who-was-Giles? Plus, a May-December (though might be more of a July-December;D) romance would make things interesting;)
Danny Strong.


I have no insider information, just a hunch.
Male Characters was in the main cast of a Joss Whedon Vampire show who could be a main contender ....

Nick Brendon (Worked with Noah Wyle and wasn't he Noah's slave for a day- might have pull for getting him the role)
Anthony Head
Seth Green (A Scobby Doo Reunion)
Marc Blucas
Danny Strong (Hey he just said he was in the main cast credit - once)
James Marsters
Alexis Denisof
J August Richards
Andy Hallett

My money might be on Nick, cause ER has cast other comic actors in roles on the show before.
It's probably Blucas or Nick Brendon, but I would actually watch the show if James Marsters was on it. Still, if you;re talking Linda Cardellini age range, it would more likely be NB or MB.
I really don't think Mike Ausiello would refer to Danny Strong as a series regular. While I still think Blucas is the most likely I'd forgotten about Seth Green and could see him being cast.
While any 'Verse actor would be great, my money's on Nick Brendon, too. Although, if it's Seth, that would be the long-awaited Scooby Doo 2 reunion that the interwebs are always buzzing about (in no one's reality, but, still, I loves me some Seth!). ;-)
I'm thinking Nick because they need someone new to screw up with patients in a comic manner. Others that filled that role are now "good" doctors.
Only recently gotten back into ER, really enjoying it at the moment and a Buffy alum could only make it better.

Wonder if this is the same role that Michael Vartan was up for, and that EOnline's Kristen said was probably going to go to that Dawson's Creek guy.

If it does go to this person I just hope it's a likable character, I liked Kristen Johnston in 3rd Rock but thought her character in ER was just dreadful, was very glad when she left.

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I bet Nick too for some reason, but I feel like it could easily be Emma Caufield or even Charisma Carpeneter... J. August Richards is free again too, no?

if only i could actually bear to watch ER...

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Well, Nick does have that Noah Wylie connection because of the play. I'm crossing my fingers it's him. I'd even watch ER for him, even though I lost interest after the brain tumor and before the exploding plane.
I'd bet folding money it's Nick. Marc said he didn't want to do a tv series again, Seth has a gazillion other projects, Tony... would be great, of course, but I don't see where he'd fit in. Danny's not a regular, Alexis seems more interested in doing comedy, please dear G'D not Marsters, and J. and Andy were not on "Buffy."

Plus, everyone knows Nicky and Noah are dating now. ;-)
but I feel like it could easily be Emma Caufield or even Charisma Carpeneter...

I really don't think either would be particularly convincing as a 'male nurse'.
Emmy Caufield or Charisma Carpenter as a nurse would be convincing enough, but between the two, I'd like to see Emma in such a role. Add Nick in there, too.
Though I think both CC and EC are great actresses, I have to agree with Hel that they wouldn't be convincing male nurses.

I'm thinking it's NB, too. And I'd be thrilled for him. JM is my favorite Verse actor, but I love them all and am convinced they will take over Hollywood. Soon TV and the big screen will be full of Verse players.
Although I would love someplace to watch JM every week I have never watched ER and really don't want to. But I would have to. I'm still watching Smallville for god's sake!

I really can't see Marc Blucas as a nurse. But Seth Green, I can see, Nick would be good too. Or even Alexis.
I'm going with Blucas.
Oh, I hope it's Nicky!!!! I would start watching ER again.
I bet is Nick, and although I'm was never a ER (I was never able to go through a whole episode) fan, I'm really rooting for him to get role.
But it makes me imagine Xander making out with Velma, which is sort of weird.

Though I did see Blucas in my telly last night. They were showing that awful Walter Salles movie with Paltrow.
But it makes me imagine Xander making out with Velma, which is sort of weird.

And yet, sort of oddly appropriate.
I really hope it is NB - I haven't watched ER regularly for years, but that would definitely be enough to make me tune in every week again.
Hey, what about Mark Metcalf? He was a regular for awhile, and his face was definitely in the credits (although I don't know if his name made it) :>

And I don't care about credits, I think Tom Lenk would make an adorable nurse!
I'm really disappointed in the lack of faith by several posters in Emma Caulfield and Charisma Carpenter's ability to play male nurses. Have you not seen their talent? Their transformative ability? I think that both are tremendous actresses, especially EC, and I have no doubt that they could pull off the role. For that matter why not Michelle Trachtenberg or Amber Benson? I think Michelle Trachtenberg should bring some young male nurse blood to the show.

Oh, as an aside, I hear that JM is playing a sexy female administrator. Keep your eyes peeled!

(My actual pick is probably NB--although I agree that MB makes a lot of sense. I would love to see MB in something else, actually, as I think he's underrated as Riley. But yeah, hopefully it's NB, just 'cause he's a great, funny actor and I want him to do well, even if I don't really care about ER. Agreed, though, that Tom Lenk could definitely pull it off.)

Oh, as an aside, I hear that JM is playing a sexy female administrator. Keep your eyes peeled!

Well, he certainly has the bone structure!
Crikey, look at these comments. And whoever it is hasn't even got the part yet. And me following along miles behind as usual. FWIW I reckon maybe Seth or Nick. I don't reckon Blucas, lovely though he is, has the chops (either comic or dramatic) for E.R.

Zandra: I'd even watch ER for him, even though I lost interest after the brain tumor and before the exploding plane.
Ha! So did I, although I believe what you're referring to is the Revenge-Seeking Helicopter.

WilliamtheB, your comment gave me a much-needed laugh!

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ER is still on?

Seriously. I thought the show had been gone for years. :-S
Watched ER religiously for the first 10 years but as the original main cast left I gradually lost interest and when Carter went that was it for me.

Now I hear Carter's back and a Buffy regular may make the cast (Nick would be my preference but Seth Green or Marc Blucas would also be cool so long as the part was worthwhile). Hummph, like I don't aleady watch way too much TV.

(and yeah, that helicopter was like the shark in Jaws 4 crossed with a Terminator, it absolutely would not stop until he was dead ;)
ER is still on?

Guess so... I haven't watched since George Clooney left. I'd give it another try if NB was on though :-)
The description is someone who has been in the opening credits and it's a love interest for that girl who also played Velma in Scoobie Doo. NB, Blucas, Marsters and Seth Green are the choices, it seems.

ETA (after reading) Nick and Marsters both have a Noah Wylie connection. Seth Green has the leading lady connection big time. That said, it will probably be Blucas.

ER still gets great ratings, number 17 overall.

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I have never watched ER...was never really a Clooney fan, but always heard the show was very good.

As much as I would love to see JM back on TV soon, I realize he might be pretty busy with filming a movie right now, so if ER needs someone right away...I doubt he could work it in.

I DO hope that James will be back on a great show in the very near future, but I will be happy for Nick if he gets the part. It sounds like a part he could do a fantastic job in.
Oh...and I love Tom Lenk too.....he would look adorable in scrubs....heeee!!!!!
Never watched ER (I know, how is that possible?), but I immediately thought of Nick from the title. I could also see Marc in the show ... but Seth to me doesn't really fit. Scooby stuff aside, I just can't see it.
I never watched ER but have really enjoyed Clooney's post-ER stuff (both acting and directing). Plus he gives the best Oscar acceptance speeches. I may eventually be enticed to rent the DVDs of early seasons when it was supposed to be good, and I might also be enticed to watch it now for the new regular. Both of these are for when I have several more hours in a day. :)
My strong hunch is that it's Nick. It's very easy to see him in that kind of part (whatever that means). I stopped watching ER a season or two before Anthony Edwards' character kicked it. But if Nick's on, I'm going to have to check it out.
Although I kinda hope it's Blucas, my money is on JAR. Because NBC loves to repurpose their actors for other shows on the network (ie; Gallant on ER and Hawaii).
my money is on JAR

Well, while the paragraph says 'vampire show', indicating it could be Angel(as opposed to, say, a 'vampire slayer show'); the title says "Buffy alum" so I'm guessing it's no one from Angel.
*fingers crossed for Nick* I haven't watched ER in a long time but I definitely will if they cast Nick Brendon. I really like the possiblity that Noah Wyle recommended him based on his work in the play. Marc Blucas was fine, but not so special as to make me get hooked on another weekly show again though.
I wondered the same thing, and came to the same conclusion, Rogue Slayer. In the relevant link section beneath the article there's a link to BtvS and not to ANGEL. It would be nice if Seth, or Marsters or Brendon would get the part, be I don't think I'll be watching one way or another.
My vote is NB. I have no idea why, really. Just feels right. I am always glad to see a Jossverse alum get work, so here's hoping it works out for whomever it is.
I wish it would be James Marsters as that is the only way I would watch the show, but then I would watch any show he was on.
The only ones that would get me to start watching again would be JM or NB. I've a feeling it's NB, I was really bummed Kitchen Confidential was cancelled.
While I'm wholeheartedly wishing that it's Nicky, I'd watch if it was ANYONE. And I'm just wracking my brain trying to figure out who the other guy is, because we may getting all excited for nothing.
"And this particular actor was not a mere guest star; he was a series regular. Name and face in the opening credits and all. "

This comment leads me to believe it could only be NB, JM or ASH. I don't think Blucas was ever in the opening creds right? Any one of 'em would make it worth it to me to start watching ER again though. I'll just have to start peeking through my fingers. Buffy blood and guts never bothers me as much as hospital blood and guts. Ew!
No, Blucas was in the opening credits part of season 4 and 5
As a long-time ER fan, I'm ecstatic at this idea. I'd love it to be Nick Brendan since I identify a lot with Xander from my teenage years. Tony Head would be cool, but he seems to be pretty busy and if he were the choice it would probably be a short recurring character bit. Besides, Sam (Linda Cardellini) has already had the older boss/romantic interest in Armand Assante. James Marsters could be fun - I've not seen him on Smallville (and not sure if he's still appearing there or not).

Of course, they could pick some other actor - so all of this is fun speculation.
I sent an email to NBC telling them that NB would be great on ER. That doesn't make me a sad little fangirl, does it? Does it?
I used to totally love this show but lost interest a couple years ago. It has been starting to interest me again with recent ads but not enough to tune back in. I'd definitely tune back in to see NB, ASH or JM if they became regulars.
Yes it does, so join the gang,Zandra ;)

And wasn't Seth Green also in the credit - season 3?

I would love for it to be any of them. But I'll only watch it if it's JM. I quit watching ER years ago and he's the only thing that would get me to start again.
I still think it is too early to rule out Emma or Charisma for the part of a male medical practioner, it has happened on Buffy before. Would make for a very different ER.

Ben is Glory?
I hope it goes to NB, although it would be great for all of them.
OneTeV, I never thought of that. If BtVS got Clare Kramer to play a doctor/intern (sorta), then that's even more reason to expect that EC or CC (or MT or...) will be the choice. Once again BtVS leads the way in breaking new television ground!
I'm curious about the remark, Marc Blucas has said he doesn't want to do another series (hope Buffy wasn't a bad experience for him). Is he focusing on films? I thought he did a good job in Sunshine State but nothing I've heard about since. That said, bring on Brendan even if there's not much of a snowball's chance in a Hell dimension I'd watch E.R.. Well. Maybe I'd force myself or just tape it.
I love ER and have since the beginning. So there, all you quiters! Some much needed ER-Love to balance out all your negative mojo. ;P

I think Seth would have a more interesting character, but it seems likely they'd consider Nick first. Classicly handsome and tall enough to reach the high shelves. (I'm short, too. I feel SG's pain.)

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