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October 19 2006

(SPOILER) Review of Summer Glau's "The Initiation of Sarah". Summer gets a positive mention in this slightly spoilerish article.

Remember, the movie premieres this Sunday at 8pm on ABC Family.

Also, Summer appeared on this Tuesday's episode of The Unit, titled "Force Majeure". Screencaptures of the episode (which includes a scene of our favorite actress lounging in a bikini) can be found at:

Also she is on tonight's episode of Supernatual on the CW.
I do remember seeing the original "Initiation", and what happens to Morgan Fairchild's character (it's not pretty because she doesn't wind up that way). I just wonder if it turns out she's that same girl, and had to use some voodoo to change back. If so, that should make an interesting plot right there.
But we'll see on Sunday. It probably won't be really scary because it's a horror flick for a family channel. How scary could that be?
Summer was great tonight on Supernatural.
She was on it? I watched. I didn't see her. Did my CW screw up? Hmm.

Ok, now I'm annoyed. And very confused. And slightly dazed.

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Wasn't Zombie's roommate Summer? Our CW reception is crappy but I thought that was Summer.
I don't know. I couldn't really see any of the characters very well as a result of the lighting of the episode and my crappy college reception.

But I do know this- The CW description on their site says this: "Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) investigate the murder of a college student (guest star Summer Glau) who...." Said college student/zombie definitely wasn't Summer.

From "Angela: Tamara Mason"

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I KNEW I saw her in that ABC Family preview! The actress who played Jackie on Veronica Mars is in it, too. Looks like a horrible TV movie, though.
I know the Zombie wasn't Summer but I thought her roommate was Summer. We were watching the baseball game and missed the opening credits, but when I saw the roommate I assumed it was Summer. Dark wavy hair, dark eyes, very pretty, very good actress...

But our CW reception is also crap and all nighttime or indoor scenes are extra bad.
Now I wish I had recorded it so I could go back and check :/
Angela was Zombie Girl. I'm not sure if we knew Angela-Zombie Girl's roomy's name.
I have clear and shiny cable. And that wasn't Summer. *Sigh*
Damn. False advertising sucks.
No Summer, but a lot of Summer dopplegangers.
Yeah, I wonder where the rumor of Summer Glau being on Supernatural came from, because she not only isn't the zombie, she also isn't the roommate (but she looked like both of them from the back). I guess I'll have to wait until Sunday to see Summer....
I did think it was kind of a rip-off, I only watch this show when there is one of our Whedonesque actors on it, like last week when Amber Benson was on. I guess Ben Edlund should be enough for me, huh?

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Nope. No Summer for the Winchester brothers. Better luck next time, promo guys.
Is it just me, or does Summer Glau look just not quite right to you'all with her hair done? It's not her -- it's just I've been so deeply imprinted by her River-do that I'm used to seeing her as gorgeous with stringy hair & all. (And by the way, just how incandescent does your beauty have to be before you look that great with stringy hair?)

None of the Summer Glau websites that I checked -- including what I believe is her official site -- list "Supernatural" as a credit, though they appear up-to-date.

(And more BTW, it's not a great TV-PR month for sororities -- first Zeta Theta Beta in VMars and now Alpha Nu Gamma in "The Initiation of Sarah.")
River's hair wasn't stringy as is done by nature. It was a sculpted sort of two-dimensional white-hair dreads held together by gel. That 'do looked great but I think only because her hair is naturally wavy.

I would like to see this movie. It sounds like fun. But I don't get ABC Family so unless it turns up on iTunes I'm probably out of luck.
I dunno, QuoterGal, Zeta Theta Beta had great parties, responsible drinkers and free weed, you can't buy advertising like that ;).

(loving the new season of VM but why oh why did they remix the theme song ? I quite like the new credits but the music really doesn't do it for me)

Saw promo pics for 'Initiation...' from another link and that is some big hair. May check the film out even though I was pretty un-impressed with 'Mammoth'. Summer's got plenty of credit left to burn though ;).
Thanks for clearing up the murky TV reception.
Well, haven't seen the episode yet, but Summer supposed appeareance was announced in The CW official listing information.
and I missed CSI to NOT see Summer
The CW listing information is wrong. She is not in that episode.
Well, look on the bright side rivergirl, you also didn't see Nathan, Morena, Alan, Ron, Gina, Jewel and Sean. It was like the whole crew back together again ;).

edited because Zoe and Gina are not the same person. Fantasy and reality are meant to blur together, right ? It's healthy. Ahem.

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Well, haven't seen the episode yet, but Summer supposed appeareance was announced in The CW official listing information.

That's false advertising. We should sue. I happen to know of a good LA law firm.
That is bizarre! My roommate and I were watching and we couldn't figure out which one was Summer either. We thought Angela was her, but it really didn't look like her. The voice was kind of similar, but she has a pretty distinctive voice. Hard to miss.
I'm starting to think that this was some weird joke by Ben Edlund (who is really the only connection I can find between CW's show Supernatural and Summer Glau), because why would CW list her as on the show when she really was not on it at all?
Well, look on the bright side rivergirl, you also didn't see Nathan, Morena, Alan, Ron, Gina, Jewel and Sean. It was like the whole crew back together again ;).

Got a chuckle out of that one Saje.

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Maybe Summer was lined up for filming but had to back out for some reason. One never knows.

And I can't see Ben Edlund actually playing that kind of trick. Summer herself could get pissed for misrepresentation;)

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