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October 20 2006

Michelle Trachtenberg and Fireflies... Just not that Firefly. MT have signed to star in "The Possibility of Fireflies", which will begin shooting in January.

Best. Title. Ever.
The title makes me think of all those parallel universes where Firefly is still on TV. *sigh*
Doesn't sound as good as 'The Possibility of Firefly returning to tv,' but good for her, nonetheless!
As long as Michelle stays away from the Scientology crazyness... Kelly Preston and husband Travolta are very high level in the evil cult genuine and sincere relegion.
I don't know, zz9, Xanadu Cthulu Xenu is a pretty powerful motivator!
Let's drop the Scientology stuff shall we and get back to the topic.
I dunno does relate, in that Michelle could get brought into the Scientology fold by Ms. Preston. But probably should just let things be;)
But probably should just let things be

I think that would be a very good idea.

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