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October 20 2006

Boxer Rebellion for Marsters' Shadow Puppets. At the Queen Mary event, Michael Winnick, the director and writer for Shadow Puppets spoke about the project saying that the producers are hoping for a wide theatrical release and added that they would appreciate fan support.

Speaking of JM, any news on "P.S., I Love You"?
RE: PS I LOVE YOU..There have been some pictures of Hilary in New York City filming, and he's suppose to be filming there now.
When I read this, I thought it was going to be a new message from Winnick - it's actually a link to a fan webpage, in case anyone else gets confused like me. The campaign is about getting the distributors to stump up the time, effort and money to get the film a theatrical release. It's been going for a while, I thought.

But hey, cute title, killinj.
The decision about what kind of a release "Shadow Puppets" is going to get should be made in November (according to Michael Winnick at the QM Con). So this is the time for fans to show that there is a wide-spread support for wanting to see this movie in a as wide a release as possible. doesn't matter as long as the Shoreline folks hear from fans of this movie.
Ok...I'll do my part and get off some undies...errrr...I mean send off some undies. Pretty clever idea with the Boxer Rebellion reference....
Hope that Tony Todd and Jolene Blalock fans are also getting involved in some way to see this film get wide release!
I know my hubby would be mesmerized by the sight of Jolene in her Fruit of the Looms. I guess 'turn about' really is fair play then since I will be rivetted to JM's boxers...heee!!!!

That's really all I had to say. Sounds like a cool film, hope it gets released near me. *pokes producer people*
I understand the director wanting support for this film, and of course, I love Marsters and Tony Todd, but how do I know this is a film worth supporting? I can't tell you how many times, and I'm sure many folks here who are horror/thriller fans have gone to a movie with great expectation, only to be horribly let down, waste of money, yada yada, grumble grumble. I can't compromise my standards simply because I want to see a film with actors I like in it, get released. It's different with Whedon. If I'd known of the push to get Serenity made, I'd have helped but I'm not a member of any Browncoat group, at least not yet. And I know what I'd be getting with him: uncompromising integrity, vision and talent; i.e. great product to get behind. I don't know anything about Michael.

I also have concerns about bombarding theatres with postcards, as with the suggestion in one linked site in a thread here, that we deluge a director to get someone from I think Serenity cast in a role.

I wish the director would set up a site somewhere that you could log into with a secret e-mailed password to watch even a rough cut of the film. (Nice poster -- really like it)
There is a trailer to be seen here:

And all I can say is that I have seen several small scenes from the movie (Winnick showed them at the QM Con) and I was favorable impressed that this is not going to be a mindless,bloody horror flick (no offense to peeps who like that sort of thing,but I don't) . This is a concept the writer/director got while studying about psychology...he said that Jolene,Tony T. and James Marsters all signed on telling him that they had liked the script. So,that's good enough for me.
If the campaign doesn't work, might I suggest that fans of James organise a special charity screening of the movie? Or something like that.
Now that's a good thought, Simon - James' fans are always ready to get behind charities on his behalf, so if it doesn't get into theaters, perhaps a special DVD screening might be do-able.

Thanks, killinj, for posting the link to the Mob's web site for the campaign. Although the postcard push has been on since mid-September, the "Boxer Rebellion" portion is pretty new, and is something that we are pushing to do in time for Halloween. I don't want to wait until PSILY comes out - I'd like to see James in the theater sooner rather than later :-)

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