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October 20 2006

Pictures of Anthony Head On Stage in Little Britain. Anthony Head has joined Matt Lucas and David Walliams on stage for the London run of Little Britain in a very risque skit.

There is also an article with his thought on the series here.

Well, that cheered up my day.
On your mark...get set... Let the Photoshopping BEGIN!
Oh my good lord!!!

*polishes glasses*
The look on Tony's face in the first picture?

Do you reckon they've, er, removed some 'detail' from that second picture? If not, mighty neat 'tucking' from Walliams.
Almost as funny as the thong sketch.
Oh lord... what I would pay to see that! What? Im not a pervert, just like the "art" of it. Hmm, anyways, it looks bloody hilarious. I would have to say this is more than risque, bordering on not safe for work... I mean, its not bad, but I can imagine the co-workers thinking certain things. And is the guy to the right in the first picture dressed up as the dalai llama??
"I mean, its not bad, but I can imagine the co-workers thinking certain things."

Surely they'd just think you were looking at an article about Little Britain?
Surely they'd just think you were looking at an article about Little Britain?

I don't think everybody in the world watches Little Britain. Although I think I'm probably missing a layer of humour, hee.

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Mythtaken DW definitely uses the tucking method. I've seen the full frontal pics too. The man's shameless, love him. :0)
We adore Little Britain, and among the reasons is getting to see ASH again. He's such a plummy Prime Minister.

And as graphic artists, when someone asks us if we can completely re-do a layout, we like to fumble with the keyboard and say, "Computer says no."

Okay, we don't get the repeat business, but we're terribly amused by it.
I'm actually campaigning for Whedonesque to change the database error message to Computer says no.
I was afraid Tony would be wearing a dress or naked himself. It's even worse than I thought! :p (Wish I could see it)
Did Little Britain ever show in the U.S.? Or, is it available on R1 DVD? From everything I've read here on the Black and from the pictures (which I viewed in a very manly way, like a doctor seeing a patient who, er, hides his penis for some reason), it seems hi-larious! ;-)
Tonya J

You are aware that he's played Frank'n'Furter in live showings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, right?

That's fishnets, make-up and bad, bad hair.
Yes, but I sometimes indulge in sarcasm and facetiousness, hence exclamation point and smiley face at the end of the sentence. I used to use his Frank for one of my avatars at another forum.

(He's much better than Curry - more salacious, more evil -- I saw some clip on YouTube)

[ edited by Tonya J on 2006-10-21 00:01 ]
billz: "Did Little Britain ever show in the U.S.?"

Yeah, two (I think) seasons aired on cable -- BBC America -- somewhat later than they did in the UK. I don't think the third season did -- but I stopped watching 'em on the telly, since a friend of mine started buying & we'd watch together. I'm pretty sure she just bought her Region 1 versions from Amazon.

(and yo, jlv's e-address is in his profile : ))
I really meant just to close parens, but that second ) gives me a double chin! Which is just rude of it.
Good news! I thought to look on Netflix and they have all three seasons. Woo-Hoo!

Little Britain
It saddens me to admit, but simply watching the series ads when it was getting shown on Showcase (here in Canuckistan) just made me cringe and flip channels. The humour seems just too...crass for me:(

Still...the clip of the leather thong scene I did come across is hilarious;)
Thanks for all the info, QG, and the link, Tonya J! :-)
Okay, just got around to reading the Jonathan Weinberg article in THE SUN.

"Matt and David have extremely furtile minds and they are not remotely influenced by their success."

"furtile" = "furtive" + "fertile" ?

"Anthony will next be seen in ITV1's Jane Austen bodice ripper Persuasion..."

This just cracks me the hell up. An Austen "bodice ripper"? Reminds me of this cheesy pulp Austen cover I found somewhere created to pitch Austen to a "different" ("hoodwinked") market. And Northanger Abbey at least contains scenes making fun of Regency gothic novels.

So wrong, and yet, so funny.

(You are everso welcome, billz.)

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