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"On the hood of a police-car?"
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October 20 2006

Marcie Ross & Cheryl Reunite on HEROES. Our favorite invisible girl and that accident prone cheerleader reunite...

The HEROES episode "One Giant Leap" features Clea DuVall, who played Marcie Ross in Buffy's "Out of Mind Out of Sight," and Riki Lindhome, who much less famously played the part of a cheerleader named Cheryl in Buffy's season seven favorite "Him"

The strangest part, however, is that Marcie works for the FBI on Heroes! I suppose her training really did take off.

You'll see Cheryl as The Car Rental Lady if you don't blink.

I thought she looked familiar!
Yeah, I noticed Clea as an FBI agent, too. She's also blonde, which is a surprise. Maybe someone has a fanfic story about how Marcie was no longer invisible because the FBI "noticed" her, but showed herself valuable in other ways....yet she never thought to tell Buffy about it.
...and Jeph Loeb is a writer on Heroes!!! I had missed that.
I thought Jeph Loeb's name was familiar. Also interesting, in a "six-degrees-of-separation" kind of way, Bryan Fuller is also a writer for Heroes; Fuller co-created Wonderfalls, which had Tim Minear as one of the executive producers.
Thank you. It was really bugging me because Iknew I recognised the FBI agent from somewhere, now I know.
Me too, whosflying. Now my poor brain can rest.

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