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October 21 2006

SMG talks about her role in The Return with IGN. In the movie, SMG plays Joanna Mills who feels cut off from the world, and hence becomes a masochist who cuts herself just to feel.

"She's a cutter," says Gellar of her character Joanna Mills. "She does violent things to her body, and that's sort of an interesting concept all in itself."

This doesnt sound like a normal role for SMG, and what's more it sounds challenging. Its good that this isnt another Grudge movie and that SMG will be challenged, I think those are the kind of roles I would like to see her in. She has the talent to knock this stuff out of the park, but she needs better scripts, like those of early Buffy, to properly reveal her talent. This one sounds good.

who cuts herself just to feel.

That's what happens when you can't work out your frustrations having sex with vampires.

But yeah, looking forward to more non-'fringe' roles, for all the Buffy alumnus.
Hm, that line about cutters being an interesting concept inherently makes her sound kind of dim, but then I like how she clarifies herself and actually comes across fairly well thought out.

I did like the killer ants bit though, entirely removed from character analysis.
I'm thinking the "killer ants" refers to what we called "fire ants," back in my day in Texas. If the ants themselves are giant, my theory doesn't hold, because fire ants are tiny. But their nests are large, and they are very aggressive, and can swarm over you any instant you keep your feet still on the ground. That's only during one of their mass swarms, one of which I have experienced. In their cyclical swarming, the fire ants can't kill adults, but they can and do attack babies and the infirm old people. They don't usually kill them either, but what they do is really gross. I know this sounds like science fiction, but you can look it up.
people who hurt themselves just to be able to feel something are not simply masochists. they usually experience dissociative states (which are really unpleasant to say the least). so, just to be able to feel again and escape this state, some resort to self-injurious behaviour to bring themselves back into contact with reality (for lack of a better term). in young (and not to young) women (and some men too of course) this often expresses itself as cutting themselves. it's actually often an attempt to avoid suicide as a last resort.
sorry, am a bit touchy about this, as these people still have a hard time receiving good support even from the professional community, though a lot has been done since I have first done a research paper on this topic almost ten years ago now.
This seems like a role with a huge amount of potential for SMG.

"Hm, that line about cutters being an interesting concept inherently makes her sound kind of dim, but then I like how she clarifies herself and actually comes across fairly well thought out."

orangewaxlion, I'm not sure why "cutters being an interesting concept inherently makes her sound kind of dim" and am curious to know why you think so. I am not a horror fan so perhaps this is something that has been used to death or maybe it is something else.

On Inside the Actor's Studio, when Angelina Jolie was talking about cutting herself when she was younger, I did not seem to be alone in finding the concept of it perplexing and therefore interesting as well as somewhat alarming. It is not something that I have seen dealt with in popular entertainment, but as I have said before, I have not gotten to see much TV or many movies in the last 10 years or so.

beans, I know almost nothing about this problem. I hope they handle it well since it seems like anyone who does this must be in an incredibly vulnerable state.
This sounds like a great role for Sarah.
@ beans: thank you.

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Cutting was dealt with in a very real way in Thirteen, a fantastic movie with Holly Hunter and Evan Rachael Wood. It's not exactly an uplifting film, but it's very well done and I watched it several times. Perhaps orangewaxilion thought her comments sounded dim because her comment made it sound like this was a new idea to her, and cutting is nothing new. That was my impression.
Well it probably is/was a new idea to SMG.Just because other people have heard about it or dealt with it doesn't mean SMG has.

And I think it's probably is a good thing she mightn't have had to deal with it.

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