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October 21 2006

Angel to Return to the UK... Season's Four will premiere on Sci-Fi on New Years Day while Numero Cinco will be showing itself sometime in February. Seasons One through Three will also air between December 23rd and 31st. Spoilers for other shows.

You don't have to wait until New Year. Sci-Fi UK is still showing Angel now
Channel 4 and 5 really stuffed up this show. I mean airing it at 6pm, what the hell. And cut to ribbons. Pulling it half way through and the finally airing it at anytime or day between 11pm and 1am. Channel 5 weren't any better, 8ish for a few weeks and then pulled it for Charmed.

This shpw just doesn't get the proper respect it deserves. Thank God for DVD's is all I can say.

technovamp That link only mentions S1 & 2. Most of S4 and none on S5 have ever been shown on terrestrial telly.
lynnie, Five did show season 4 of Angel but it was on so late at night that most people didn't know anything about it. They then promised to show season 5 soon after...

Still waiting...

As for Angel returning, season 5 has only just stopped airing in Sky One a matter of weeks ago so it really hasn't been that long since it was on.
Well, the good thing about Channel 4/5's playing silly buggers with Angel was that when I recently watched the whole series on DVD, there were lots of episodes that I was watching for the first time because I'd missed them originally (not to mention the whole of season 5). ;-)
Mmm, Angel! Salty goodness!!
Still never been shown on terrestrial TV in its entirity. Sci-fi isn't a channel that most people have. It's a real shame the BBC didn't buy it, because they broadcast Buffy in a pretty respectful way.

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