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October 22 2006

Buffy actor won't be playing a role on ER afterall says Michael Ausiello, but he still doesn't say who the actor "vying for the role" was.

Either Michael Ausiello is giving us a hint with the word "Titan", or he isn't that impressed by who was offered the part.
Ah well. Hopefully something else will come up soon.
Way to leave us in suspense!
Too bad.

Did I get a hint of disappointment from Ausiello on this one, or was that my imagination?
Ah well, somehow I get the gut feeling that a Whedonverse actor on E.R. might not have worked out that well (and he wouldn't have been a doctor, but a male nurse from what I read). Still, it would be interesting to know who it would have been.
Poor Emma. Don't worry Ms. Caulfield, you will get a chance to play a male nurse someday if you so choose!
Too bad!! I wonder if we'll ever find out who it was.
Too bad for our guy, whoever he is. Gotta admit I'm more curious now.
Either Nicholas Brendan or Mark Blucas would have made an awesome male nurse. Their loss.
Well, my first instinct to the clue(?) titan was Harry Hamlin, as was another reader on the site. Then again I've never seen "Remember the Titans" or the soap "Titans", but did love love love the early eighties movie with all her (esp. now) cheesy special effects.

Great, I'm picturing HH the Younger in short toga and lab coat. Damn you, Ausiello! Bwah
Ahh - Ausiello was just trying to up his readership by getting us all to click the link. What a ratings ho...

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