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October 22 2006

Studying Television: Morality In Buffy The Vampire Slayer. The 4 week course held at the Cleveland Community College in North Carolina will start Tuesday, January 16, 2007, it's $30 for the class. The class is being taught by mockingbird who posted about it over at>(reg req).

The Class Description > "From 1997 – 2003, viewers who were able to get past the deliberately silly-sounding title of Buffy were ushered into a complex world that featured much more than a teenage girl staking vampires and worrying about how to pass the next day’s history test. Throughout the seven years of Buffy, viewers saw characters face tough moral questions about consequences, the struggle for redemption, the reality that some battles are lost, and the burdens of personal responsibility and sacrifice. Join this class for a four-week journey through some of Buffy’s lessons in morality. During each two-hour class, an episode of Buffy will be shown and discussion will follow. The class is designed for ardent fans of Buffy as well as those who haven’t seen a single episode and wonder what all the fuss is about. The class is led by K. Dale Koontz, a popular culture enthusiast whose focus is on the work of Buffy’s creator, Joss Whedon."

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Oh, I'm just itching to be a part of this. Where do I sign up?
Cool concept, but do they actually watch an episode every class? Wouldn't that take up way too much class time? A better idea would be to have them watch it for homework.
I wish there were non-credit academic classes like this that could be audited or participated in via the Internet. Sounds fascinating.
this is just amazing! too bad i'll be in my regular classes during this time, plus i live all the way in Indiana and go to school there...blah.
Webcast! Webcast!
I'm squashing the envy as I type so I can congratulate M. Dale Koontz on teaching this class. OK, next time, it's my turn...
Sometimes it's actually fun to just watch a television show and enjoy it for what it is at face value. Looking for hidden meaning in what appears on the screen (whether it exists or not) can spoil your enjoyment and make you come across as being very dull.
This looks like so much fun!!! I agree with Pointy.....a webcast would be sweet!
BTW, the above is just quoting Arcane.
For me, the more of this stuff can get online the better. I realize we can't ask to see the whole course without paying tuition, but - some video clips, is that too much to ask? What I'm still most interested in in the academic area is the address Rhonda Wilcox is supposed to give the Buffy class that Wiseblood is taking at Wilcox's alma mater. I've mentioned it before, I'll mention it again.
Dang, why can't I take courses like this in University? WHY?? *grumbles* stupid computer engineering *grumbles*
oh man, I wish I could take that class!

btw, it says "Cleveland Comminty College" instead of what I am assuming should be "Community". :)
Thanks fortunateizzi - it's corrected now.
I was just thinking how fortunate I am to not be in school as students around me are getting ready for mid-terms. Now I wish I lived in Cleveland! ( and what a modest price for such an enriching class ).
If this was webcast I would take it in a heartbeat. Keep us informed and let us know how the class is being received.

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