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October 23 2006

James Gunn compares the families of Slither and Serenity. Promoting Slither on DVD

Fillion love aside, it's damned good. It also has the honour of being the film I was watching when I felt my unborn kick for the first time. The kid digs horror-comedy.

Andy - this sound: *THUNK* - is my representation of realising you are probably female.

I really did enjoy Slither, also.
Ha! I am male. The kick was felt thanks to my wife digging me in the ribs with her elbow, gesturing to her stomach, before finally losing patience and physically grabbing my hand and placing it on her bump.
One of our black actors was talking about what a racist Nathan was, Don Thompson talked about Nathan was always sucking his dick. Elizabeth Banks talked about how she’d like to stuff dead rabbits up his ass.

You know, I have always thought there was something morally wrong about Nathan Fillion, and this confirmed it.

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Just have to say also:

Dude, you would be shocked by amount of horror film directors like me who don’t eat red meat. That’s why I put so much meat in Slither – it grosses me out. I don’t eat pigs or cows.

I am quite shocked with that. To me all meat is disgusting(vegetarian here), so reading about horror film directors not eating red meat, one would think with all the violence and gore in the films, they wouldn't mind eating red meat.
When I interviewed him for Slither’s theatrical release earlier this year, he told me that he got death threats (for writing the script for the Dawn of the Dead remake)

I really hate reading that. This is the kind of thing being talked about in the thread below about obsessive fan behavior. And James doesn't deserve it. I've been visiting his blog since about July I guess, and he's a very generous man. He doesn't have to make the effort that he does to reach out to his admirers, or share photographs from parties, events, Nathan Fillion's barbecue. Do you know he's giving away Slither swag? -- the quiz should be up today.

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Andy The Obviously Codenamed Writer- see what you're doing to me. I'm all e-gender confused now.

Also, yeah, the death threat thing is just... creepy. I just don't understand why people do shit like that.

And whilst we're here, although I've had a run in of sorts with Devin from CHUD last year, I'd like to point out he recently wrote a great article about crappy internet film journalism, which was respect worthy.
When reading Andy Dufresne's post, I thought 'there goes another Whedonesque poster who I have to re-imagine in my mind'. (I thought Sage was a girlie until a few months ago, Sorry Sage! I also thought gossi was a girlie until somebody posted a revealing post on that other website gossi frequents). Also, congratulations to Andy and Mrs. Andy :)

As for Slither, I can't wait to get my very own copy and how cute is James Gunn? I just saw a snipet of an interview somewhere while I was flipping channels. Very funny and witty. Lucky are the people who worked on that movie with him and Nathan, methinks.

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I loved Slither, and was glad to hear from James Gunn that it picked up a Fuse/Fangoria award. When I watched the award show last night, they didn't air Gunn getting the award! It was the only reason I watched the gorram thing. I feel sooo cheated! Where's the love for James Gunn?
mikamom, James got his award during the Dead on Arrival red carpet, er, black carpet pre-show. I can't figure out why it was then and not during the main show, but James was actually really sincere and nice accepting it. No cursing, either -- I had to try not to faint! (Maybe Fuse will rerun it?) ;-)

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