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October 23 2006

Superheroes bust out of comics. Blogger describes superheroes in comics vs movies & television.

Article that sings the praises of Buffy as the best example of heroism outside of comics.

There is one other show which, while not strictly a superhero show, might fit into this category (at least at times) and did it well: MASH.

Stay with me for a minute. The doctors of MASH could almost be qualified as superheros. They had great power: ability to save lives, great responisiblities that conflicted with their personal desires: none of them wanted to be there, were required to confront evil: the effects of the war, could use their powers for good or evil: in at least one episode Hawkeye performed an unnecessary surgery in order to keep a general out of action for a little longer, in the belief that the generals actions were useless and would only get more men killed. Not every episode dealt with these issues. But when it did, I think the show did a great job of talking about people with great powers going to extraordinary lengths to do what needed to be done.

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