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October 24 2006

Ask Men Magazine Article with David Boreanaz. Pretty nice article about DB. No spoilers.

Good article but, boy, do they have tough raters! I'd have rated him 100 on all categories, but I'm biased. Surely, he deserves better than the 70's and 80's he got.
you're right ... I didn't even notice the ratings. I'd rate him much higher. At first I thought maybe it's because most of the raters were men, but I checked Angelina Jolie and she only got an overall of 86. They really are tough.
Wow, DB as the Batman. Ohhh, and how about James Marsters as the Joker? Ohhhhh..... I'm having a fanwank moment.



Tony Head as Alfred ! - WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!

Oh, the film that could have been....
How did I not know David was in a Dido video? I just saw it on you tube, and HOLY CRAP. He is so gorgeous. OK, I'm fine now.

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