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October 24 2006

Astonishing X-Men #18 further delayed this time to Nov. 8th.

This is a 1-week delay on top of the prior 2-week delay. And of course, these delays were "explained" by Marvel here.

Still no cover for it? Must be really spoilery.
It should also be noted that, as a result, Astonishing #19 - which was originally solicited for that date - has been pushed back to December 27, and #20 is not on the board as of yet (ie, it doesn't look like it'll be out 'til February). The Vol. 3 trade is still down for a January 31 release.
I'm really getting irked by this. What the heck is wrong with the Alonso, Lowe and Ryan that they can't get Astonishing out every month?

These delays are going to start affecting the other X-books, since they're plots will be affected by the end of Unstoppable. It looks like Astonishing is going to be bi-monthly again and that means six months of filler in Uncanny and Adjectiveless away from the mansion.

And I'm sure posters on other boards will be blaming Joss. Sigh...

I'm also concerned that this delay is due to editorial changes to the end of Torn, and more of the typical editorial interference that always happens in the X-office.

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i think i'm gonna go kick a cat or something ... grrr.
According to the shipping changes thread at Newsarama it's only been delayed until the 8th of November.

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Given that the fan sites seem to be a hell of a lot more reliable these days than the official sites, I've changed the relevant info to fit in with what Newsarama says.

As for the delay, I don't really care. I'll buy it when it comes out. It's still Marvel's best selling non event (i.e. Civil War etc) book so the average joe like me who buys it aren't voting with their wallet.
I'm with you, Simon. I'm really interested in this book, and I guess I'd like to see it sooner rather than later, but I'm so into it that the exact date doesn't mean that much to me.
I don't need an issue every month, but it drives me nuts that they announce dates and then change them. A lot. I'd rather they figure out a realistic schedule and stick to it.
Gee, what's up with this editorial department? I mean seriously...

Unless Joss or Cass ain't telling us something, but I believe them all well and good.

Damn Marvel.

And Simon - it's Marvels second top selling book period. That's pretty good in a month that shipped Civil War and Ultimates. But would we accept any less? Joss is just that good.

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Isn't anyone annoyed by the fact that it'll take another week to know how the damn story moves along. I mean, it's totally up in the air, and the solution should be in the next iss... Aarrgghh. I want my fix...
I don't care about selling rates, I care about the story, which I want to see moved...
Nooo! My tragic addiction to comics (which Astonishing is totally to blame for) can't take this kind of stress! I need my fix and I need it now!
Faster, faster would be better.

But i'll wait for it. Not like there aren't plenty of other monthly titles to bankrupt us tide us over before the main event ;).

(and it's still quicker - just - than the waiting hell that was bi-monthly issues)
Some X-fans are saying the delays have to do with the scheduling of the big last few Joss issues, not slow editing or Joss or Cassaday being late. The new X-editor probably has changed Astonishing's release schedule so that it will end in the summer (when sales will be higher), not the spring, and that it will be a big summer crossover event with the other X-books (based on some hints dropped by other writers).

Sounds plausible, since it's hard to imagine what else could be causing the delays if both Joss and John Cassaday say they finished the issue on schedule.

But it's hard to wait 2 months between issues when AXM is soooo good and you go crazy wanting to know what happens.

If anyone else is suffering from Astonishing withdrawal, go pick up (Adjectiveless) X-Men. Mike Carey is just amazing. X-Men 192 is out today and it's a great Rogue issue.

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