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October 25 2006

(SPOILER) The name of the Buffy alum who auditioned for ER gets revealed. If you thought it was *ar* *lu**s, you'd have been right. TV Guide's Mike Ausiello also reveals how David Boreanaz reacted to the idea of a Buffy/Angel reunion movie (numerous spoilers for US tv shows on this page).

Relevant info if you don't want to be spoiled/scroll through all the questions.
Question: If you see David Boreanaz at the Fox party, ask him if there's any chance of a Buffy-Angel reunion movie.ó Karisma
Ausiello: It's been well documented that the Big B detests talking about his vampire past, but I bit the bullet and asked him anyway. Although he didn't come out and say it'll be a cold day in hell before he takes part in such a project, it was heavily (and rather uncomfortably) implied. You can judge for yourself when the video goes up.


Question: You promised us a hint about which Buffy alum was in the running for the new male nurse role on ER. Spill!ó Drew
Ausiello: Before Kip Pardue won the role, producers had been in talks with *ar* *lu**s.

DB has always said he would only be intrested IF the movie was new ground and on the big screen. Seeing as none of that is in the cards now or maybe ever, I understand his answers. I can understand his irratation about always being asked, especially when on job interviews or trying to promote Bones. It has been a few years now, even he wants to move on and grow.

I totally support his current projects and am so happy with seeing him every week in this new role. One he obviously enjoys. And IMO, shows a greater range for his acting talents. If he never plays Angel again, I am more then happy with how his story ended. Anything else is always a bonus, but not needed.

Nothing but respect for DB!

With reguards to Bones, I can't wait for the ep with his dad and DD directing. This show is always being compared to X-Files so this ep should be so much fun!

I am though, majorly sad about Marc not getting that role. I may have not loved Riley until he came back in season 6, but I have always adored Marc. He is such a cutie. I loved him in The President's Daughter.
*ar* *lu**s

I spent a good few minutes trying to figure this one out. Ar...lus? Arlus? There wasn't anyone named Arlus. I don't think that's even a real name. Arlis? Arrrrloos? Ar-loose? That doesn't make any sense!

Then I saw that the tag said "Marc Blucas." Clue! Right, ar, R for Riley, of course. isn't even a letter!

(I did eventually figure it out.)

I need the world's strongest cup of coffee. I need coffee so strong that even Buffy couldn't beat it up, if she were inclined to take on a cup of coffee. I suppose it would be evil coffee. That, or sleep. Sleep might work.
Evil Coffee now that would have been a great ep!

Imagine Wills, Dawn or Xander on a evil caffeine high. Wonder what it would do to a Vamp like Angel or a Slayer like Faith. LOL!

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Oh, so it wasn't Emma after all. Unless she has some middle names with ar and lu..s in them that she doesn't tell anyone about. Seriously, it's a drag about Marc; I would have loved to see him in something else.

As far as DB: I don't really want to see him back as Angel any time soon either. I have managed to find some sort of Angel closure after quite a long time and I am not quite ready to reopen those wounds. And he's got his own show and is doing very well, so I think it's probably a good decision career wise to get away from Angel.

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Why edit my post? What the hell, people?

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Email Simon if you want to find that out.

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I may have not loved Riley until he came back in season 6

Isn't that funny? I liked Riley at first, not so much by the time he gave Buffy an ultimatum and coptered on out of her life, and couldn't stand him at all when he came back with a wife in Season 6! But I did always think Marc Blucas was a cutie--even if my heart belonged to Spike. . . .
Could we be careful about Bones spoilers please. I'm totally unspoiled and want to stay that way. Thanks.

I liked Riley in S4 and S5. I felt so sorry for him the way he was treated by Buffy. His scene with Spike in his last S5 episode was so ironic as it turns out. Spike would take the little she gave Riley in place of nothing, and then in S6 she treated him worse than she did Riley. Poor blokes.

He made a ridiculous return in S6, I felt sorry for MB for the tripe he was given to work with. Possibly the worst episode ever. Plot holes you could drive a juggernaut through, a terrible GI Joe persona, a robot wife and what the heck was that scar about. If I want to be hit by anvils I'll change my name to Wiley Coyote and give Acme a call. *shudders at the memory of that travisty of an episode*

As to DB. I bet he's sick to death of people wanting to pull him backwards. He has said that he'd only ever return to Angel if it was big screen and was at a higher level. But to be honest I was there when he said that and I personally think he was just being polite, as a lot of people who had campaigned to save the show were there, and has no interest in looking back. I'm sure he's greatful to the character and show, but it's over, time to move on.

He's doing a great job on Bones and is shining. Love him. :0)
Well having just watched Angel for the first time over the summer, my wounds are still fresh and of course I would LOVE to see DB as Angel again. I'm still in the I NEED MORE NOW phase for both Angel and Buffy. I'm sure with some more time, I'll make my peace with it like the rest of you! But right now I will hang on to any thread I can find! That said, of course I respect DB and his current projects. He's awesome.
I may be guilty of heresy here but if I were casting for a role I'd pick Kip Pardue over Marc Blucas any day.
There's one problem with David doing Angel again and that's verisimilitude. He looks great, as does James, but I recall the last time we see Angel on Buffy before the final battle: "I'm not getting any older." I don't see it happening.

And I really dislike the media when they make remarks like ...detests talking about his vampire past. It really puts him in a bad light, and I suspect he doesn't detest it but is weary of it. I hope he doesn't forget how Buffy and Angel put him on the map as an actor.
The weird thing is, I did guess *ar* *lu**s, but I didn't guess Marc Blucas. I just love everything Mr. *lu**s does. Yay *ar*! ;-)
When I saw the name my brain grabbed onto Aurelius and got confused.

Oh well. I guess we can't really tell how DB felt about the question until we see the video, although seeing as how Ausiello is usually pretty astute and fairly positive when it comes to Buffy/Angel stuff I would guess that "heavily (and uncomfortably) implied" is kind of telling.

So no Buffy or Angel movie probably ever. At least not with the actual characters of Buffy or Angel. I kind of already felt like I knew that. I'm okay with that. Resigned. The Spike movie, not so much okay. Sigh.

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And I really dislike the media when they make remarks like ...detests talking about his vampire past. It really puts him in a bad light,

Oh well. I guess we can't really tell how DB felt about the question until we see the video, although seeing as how Ausiello is usually pretty astute and fairly positive when it comes to Buffy/Angel stuff I would guess that "heavily (and uncomfortably) implied" is kind of telling.

The video is up and David doesn't come off as negative,irritated or annoyed to me.

He's asked,hypothetically,if Joss came to him about a Buffy movie would he a part of it.David says,"he doesn't know."Ausiello then asks,does he think about it and David says with a smile,"I don't know."

It really will come down to Joss coming to him with something worthwhile to do on the big screen.And that's what I got from the video interview and David's comments on there.Here's the link to the video.

The video has David revealing some Bones spoilers.

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My money was on Nick. Glad I didn't make any bets. I've always been cool with both Riley and Marc Blucas. Although IMHO it wasn't a great ep, I did like seeing him in Season 6 and I liked his wife just fine. "Nick and Nora Fury" is one of the best Buffy quips ever (Two, two, two pop culture references in one!) and I kinda wanted to see them again somewhere down the line.
Oh well - Marc would have been nice, but I haven't really been thrilled by anything that he's been in. The character of Reilly didn't give him a lot of range, so even the Katie Holmes "First Daughter" (or whatever that was called) vehicle showed him better than as Reilly.

As for Mr. B, well he's earned the right to want to move on and do more things than just play a vampire again. He is showing more range as Booth than he had as Angel. I'm not saying this about either of them as a knock on them or their acting ability, just my opinions and they're as subjective as such things are. Of course, maybe its just that I'm a straight guy, so Tall dark and handsome or big beefy and handsome just doesn't do it for me.

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Plus, what fun would it be to see him portray Angel again, knowing DB would be gritting his teeth all the while?

Patently uncool, that.
Well that's the last time I ever lightly read that blog. I got spoiled for 3 shows before the page finished loading!
I agree with Buffyfanatic! I hate it when people like Ausiello puts a negative spin on things. Ausiello is rather known for that though, so I guess I shouldn't have expected any different. I'm glad that DB has such a thriving career and to see him every week on my TV in "Bones" is fabulous so I don't begrudge him his "I don't know" status.

But I would LOVE to see Buffy and Angel reunited on the big screen so I'm also glad that Ausiello's interepretation is NOT what I or others saw at all. At this point, like others have said, there is NO talk of any future Buffyverse project (since the DVD projects involving Faith, Giles, Spike etc were officially killed) so it's all hypothetical and saying he doesn't know makes perfect sense.

In the meantime I am happy to see the Buffyverse alums I so enjoyed in the shows being so successful post Buffy and Angel. I love DB too!
Maybe MA should have asked him not if he'd do a Buffy/Angel movie, but if he'd do a Spike/Angel movie. I bet he'd know then. Those two, and I don't mean in a slashy way, have THE best chemistry. Mind you JM was pretty good with everyone and I loved DB with JB. But DB and JM together were electric.
I wonder why that was, and not in a slashy way. Even Joss said they had the best chemistry even over all the women they threw up against David. Actually, I think it's because James is one of those actors that brings the best out of you because he's so responsive and in the moment.
Tonya J I think that's an element of it. Joss has said that people raise their game with him. I know that personally my favourite Spike pairings were with Angel, Xander and Giles. Sometimes it's just that elusive X-Factor and JM and DB have it. And it is beautiful to behold. :0)
Now that I see the video, I disagree with MA's take. DB comes of charming, gorgeous and excited(about Bones). My take is, since he is being asked by a tvgude reporter, DB probably assumed he was taking about the strait to dvd movie's. DB already said no. That said, he did not seem irrated, just not sure how to answer and really more confused why AA was pushing it when he already answered.

His answer is right on the money and perfect for the time and the place it was asked. Plus once again he is there for Bones.

I never though DB and Jm brought the best out acting wise with each other. Their scenes were great, but I always felt that DB had the best chem of SMG, ED or AD. For best chem with JM.,I will always go JL or even AA.

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I dunno, I liked the chemistry between DB and JM for sure, but I would call the chemistry that DB had with SMG electric myself. Many of the writers and DB himself always referred to it as "lightning in a bottle" and I agree whole-heartedly!

I also think DB had amazing chemistry with JB. I guess I didn't notice anything MORE impressive with DB and JM than I did with DB/JB and DB/SMG especially.

And oh yes, Donna, DB had amazing chemistry with ED and AD too. I think DB is just the kind of actor who brings an intensity to his scenes with his costars.

I also agree that, imo, JM had the best chemistry with JL! Spike/Dru baby!

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Chem is such a weird thing. I remember thinking Buffy/Riley had none, but the moment SMG was pretending to be Faith on screen, I thought She and MB finally had some.

There was always something about Spike and Dru that could never be touched in any other pairing.... something both delicious and electrifying.

Joss made that comment about Jm, when refrencing all the women they had tried against DB after SMG. They all failed. For me I think that was more about how not why. DB'only chem with women on his show were JB, ED and in the beggining CC. But any one else and especailly in the late season were horrible. I loved DB with Vincent and Alexis. The undercurrent emotion in all of their later season's scenes was next to nothing.

I think the thing with DB is that he so enjoys his work. he really brngs that to every scene. But then he does not take it to seriously and at the end of the day he goes home and actually lives his life. It's just work. It is a refreshing view in hollywood and it makes him as an actor very fresh no matter what role he does.
(This comment is spoiler-free.)
BTW, Ausiello has the Bones spoiler wrong. Seems he mixed up "Bones" and "Booth".
I do think that Ausiello picked up correctly that DB was irritated by the question, but if DB was completely sure that he wouldn't play Angel again, wouldn't he have said that?
I think he would.

He has never been shy before. But the time is not right for him nor he has not been approached with any intresting offer, hence the "I don't know". Let the man talk about Bones. His face lights up.

Thanks Jam2. I went back and read the spoiler again. it deffinatly makes more sense now.

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Just to add my two cents I actually thought DB looked irritated as soon as Mike asked him about Cam. Then I thought he proceeded to get more irritated and annoyed until the end of the interview. JMO. But I was surprised that DB was so spoilery.

But Chemistry, gotta be JM and JL, or JM and SMG. That is if you are talking about sexual chemistry. Smokin hot.

Loved the Chemistry between DB and JM but in a whole different way. I personally never felt the DB/SMG thing, although others obviously do. The best chemistry with DB was when his wife played that pregnant girl in Season Five. His face totally softened when she walked in. Sweet. I always wondered why they just didn't hire her as a love interest.
I think he would too.He's never backed off on his feelings about a T.V. movie.It's always been a flat out No.I didn't get an irritated feeling from his comments personally.What he says makes sense.If Joss came to him about a movie,first it would have to be a theatrical/big screen film then it's dependent on what the ideas for the film are.He's not going to sign on to a film,sight unseen.It becomes a question of him knowing what the storyline for the film is before signing on a dotted line of a contract.

I think he's still open to a big screen film but then it comes down to if he likes what Joss pitches him for the movie.He doesn't know because Joss hasn't pitched him anything at this time.

Joss has Wonder Woman and Goners on his plate at present so a Buffy film at this time is probably not on his radar.

The T.V./DVD movies from my understanding weren't going to have Joss hands on.He would of overseen it but turned the nuts and bolts over to other writers/directors starting with Tim Minear on the Spike one.A theatrical film I always figured would personally be written/directed by Joss himself and again there is no way something like that could happen at this time.

The best chemistry with DB was when his wife played that pregnant girl in Season Five. His face totally softened when she walked in. Sweet. I always wondered why they just didn't hire her as a love interest.
Xane | October 25, 22:59 CET

Maybe Jaime Bergman might appear on an episode of Bones at some point.
DB said he was always against mixing the real world of his life and his work life. His wife actually wanted to do it, but he said he was not a fan of it.

I doubt we will ever see them work together on screen again.
First and foremost, I love David live. He looks fantastic.
Second...I think David's mood and comments as well as what was actually asked was slightly misrepresented.
The guy asked him about a Buffy movie and considering the source and how he feels about telemovies, I think his answer was right on with everything he's said in the past. I wonder why sources like to create a negative spin. Maybe it's the more popular discussion but in this case it was, imo, unfounded.
Poor David. I don't think I've ever heard him say anything remotely negative about his former Universe. I think he's very respectful and grateful for the great opportunity that Joss gave him.

Best chemisty between actors, imo. DB and SMG. JM and JL.
IMO, I doubt we will ever see JM, DB or SMG on any screen as Spike, Angel or Buffy again. Although I feel sure JW is not yet finished with the Buffyverse By the time he is able to get back to it, the actors that created the roles will have not only aged beyond the role parameters, but will be so far advanced in their own movie careers to consider returning to the past.

The only time I felt DB had much on screen chemistry with anyone within the Jossverse was with JM. When he was on Buffy, his acting skills were still very raw and, to me, it was apparent. But I could also tell he was seriously working hard at it and by the end of his own series, his acting skills had become much better. By that time he had developed the tools to allowed him to reflect JM's energy to his own advantage on screen.

I love DB on Bones now and I think his characterization of Booth is great.
What I find interesting (and I'm not talking about anyone here specifically, just fandom in general), is that it's often the exact same fans who take Joss' comment about the DVD movies, "There are certain characters Iíve been saving because I thought I might make movies about them, but that doesnít look like itís going to happen," as meaning that any Spike, Faith, Giles, etc. movie is 100% Officially Killed With No Hope Ever Ever EVER!! (often accompanied by insults towards the intelligence of anyone still holding on to a tiny shred of hope, and declarations that JM's time limit of 5 years from May 2004 has already expired), will then go on to take DB's or SMG's comments that state or imply not being very interested in doing a reunion movie as meaning "Yay! They didn't say 'Definitely no,' so that means they're still open to doing a Buffy movie, and they're just waiting for a script! Or maybe they just misunderstood the question."

Nothing's been Officially Killed. Not Serenity II, not the Spike Movie or any other, not any Buffy and/or Angel Big Screen Movie. None are looking very likely, but the "Never Say Never" or "Not Never, just Not Now" applies to all of them. I just find it odd that many posters expressing optimism about a Buffy/Angel movie are so quick to declare that every other Buffyverse/Serenityverse project is "officially killed." Why does being optimistic so often mean mocking or trying to crush the optimism of others? Joss isn't one to completely throw in the towel on anything. It must get tiring carrying around so many towels all the time, though, but you know what the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy says about that...

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I dunno Deanna b - but it's the same in reverse - the way some people take Ausiello's words at face value and declare that DB - or SMG when she makes comments about Buffy staking vampires with her cane - mean that SMG and DB HATE, HATE, HATE the thought of returning to Buffy and Angel, will NEVER EVER DO IT NO WAY, NO HOW! and mock fans that still hold out hope for THAT. And these same fans then comment that only JM still has a viable possibility of returning in any format because he's the most popular, the most marketable, etc, etc (and say that his own self-imposed time limit really means he's completely flexbile and will ignore the time limit if the right project comes along cause maybe he's joking or just trying to encourage Joss to hurry the project up for the fans who want it so bad) and thank God! he is still open to the idea unlike those ingrates DB and SMG...

It's all about perspective I suppose.

But you're right. Nothing is ever dead - especially in the Buffyverse where characters themselves reappear after death. So who knows...
I just like to say I will quite happily play all the parts in a Buffyverse movie cause I have just as much sexual chemistry as SMG, DB, JM and any other actors who have initials instead of real names.

And bear in mind that comments like " I just find it odd that many posters expressing optimism about a Buffy/Angel movie are so quick to declare that every other Buffyverse/Serentiyverse project is "officially killed"" and "There was always something about Spike and Dru that could never be touched in any other pairing " get very close to my definition of digs at other posters and indeed our anti shipping policy.

The secret war may go on and on and on with boring inevitability but not here. Ok? If I even get the slightest hint of "my side is better is better than your side", well at best you'll get your posts replaced with random Winston Churchill speeches and at worst it will involve WASBOs or more.
David is burned out doing Angel and that's ok. We all need change to keep life interesting.

On the other hand... Amy didn't get to play Ilyria for very long and it was ever so different from Fred, she had a chance to really spread her acting wings -- encased as they were in lycra (or whatever her outfit was made of).
Alias is over. Give her a project!
Oh, no! Not the Winston Churchill speeches...
What are WASBOs?
What's a WASBO?
Whedonesque Anti Social Behaviour Order. Bit like taking away people's buckets or their accounts. Anyhow don't let lil old me distract y'all from this thread.
Well, great minds think alike. At exactly the same time. OK that's creepy.

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*snogs Simon* Just because. :0)

When I was talking about chemistry I wasn't talking shippy chemistry. I was talking about the magic of film and how two people spark off each other in such a way that leaves you thoroughly satisfied in all sorts of ways.

IMO JM and DB have that. JW said so and so have many others. I liked the comment DF said on the commentary of Destiny about when Joss saw the first scene and said "why don't they kiss already". LOL. Clearly that sounds shippy, but it's also testiment to the intensity of their on screen partnership.

I never though DB and Jm brought the best out acting wise with each other.

The scene where Angel and Spike are sitting on the couch in Angel's office and he admits to Spike he always liked Spike's poetry is one of their better scenes on Angel. Two adversaries finding common ground - priceless.

I meant to point out that quiet, subtle scenes are much harder to do, which is why I liked it.

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Hah. For a minute I thought I double posted, again. My computer is being an idiot today.
Tonja J I adored that scene. I remember after the episode aired that scene was commented on. A lot. Such perfect timing from both of them. If they were Swiss their clocks would be amazing.
I guess when I think about non shippy chem, I think of what I took away from scenes and if they make me care. I rarely cared or thought twice about scenes with Angel and Spike. Also not a big fan of male slash. The scenes were good and well acted, just the story did not move me or make me notice it past the scenes. I did enjoy the unforced humor though.

For me David really brought everything when he was dealing with the Angel/Conner/Wes stories. Those three actors really involved in the meat of those stories brought thier A games for every gut-wrenching scene. I felt so much for those characters and what the experienced through that storyline. Something that could not be found in any other work of that nature. No other scenes talked of passion,love heartbreak and redemption more.

The only closest for me would come with Angel/Faith and the alley scenes. That alley scene for me is one of the most emotionally ever filmed on Angel. It was so unexpected and unforced. It helped also that Eliza and David were such close friends and were always saying such great things about each other and how they wanted to work with each other again.

But like ships, everyone has their own views. Some see stuff others don't. But thats why shows like Buffy/Angel relate to people on so many different levels.

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Simon, I hear you have great chemistry with doors.
Simon says:
"I have just as much sexual chemistry as SMG, DB, JM and any other actors who have initials instead of real names."

Really? Or is that the cold medicine talking? ;)
The core four...SMG, NB, AH and ASH had wonderful chemistry together. I think the people involved with casting did a wonderful job with all the characters in the verse, right down to the Villians.
I mean really, has there ever been a series with all the characters so loved? Even the villians we love to hate are something to brag about. The Mayor, Faith, Angelus, Dru, ....

You know, back to the discussion at hand, David has always maintained that he would only reprise the role for a Big screen movie, I don't know why this is being considered as "new" news.
I've never seen an interview that would warrant the idea that David was burnt out on playing Angel but after so many years, who could really blame him if he were? He has a new thing now and it's pretty successful. I'm kinda glad he made the only feature film comment. If nothing else it might someday help nudge it in that way. That will depend on Joss, THEN SMG and DB.
Cart before the horse. Just sayin.

Ilyria would rock in a telemovie.
I think Ilyria would rock on the big screen just as well as Spike or Angel or Buffy would.
Just as they did on the small screen.

I just don't see it happening any time soon. Especially not in time for the actors who played the original characters to reprise their roles.
Well come on, they aren't that old. All of them look great, I don't expect that to change anytime soon. ASH is the oldest I think and he looks wonderful. Better than wonderful actually.

All this character talk is making me miss them that much more. If we ever get a Big screen continuation, I hope they revive Wes. He's another one that isn't hurting in the looks/age area.
Actually, I think all of them look incredible. Wouldn't a trilogy be awesome? Get all the characters in there.
To be honest, if there is the possibility of a big screen reunion my preference is for the Ats gang. I want to know what happened in that alley. Did Gunn live? Did Illyria explode? Did that create a time vortex thingie that means Wes and Lyndsey are still alive? And Fred? Did Connor come to fight beside his dad? Did Angel kill the dragon? Did Spike recite the gang some poetry after the battle? I think Angel would have liked that, he said he always liked his poems.

I have so many questions about the future of the Ats gang. I have no questions about Willow, Buffy, Dawn, the Potentials. The slayer stuff, the core four (I prefer original four, as core suggests they are the only meat to the story which is plainly untrue) has a comic series. Give Ats the movie.

No-one is denying the chemistry of the characters in the begining. If they hadn't have had it there wouldn't have been a second season. People are simply expressing their preferences. Mine is Spike and Angel, Spike and Xander, Spike and Giles, Angel and Cordy, Angel and Doyle, Doyle and Cordy, Cordy and Xander, Wes and Lilah. That's not to say all the other combination of interactions weren't good, they were. I tend not to put down other people's opinions as I wouldn't want anyone to think the lady doth protest too much.
I'd be happy for any continuation featuring any combination of characters from either series, to be honest. I've always thought that the best way to carry on is to bring the gang back together again.

Y'know, I've no problem with DB wanting to move on to other roles. I've defended Sarah taking that same position many times in the past. They are actors and deserve the chance to explore as many roles as they an get. What I can't really appreciate is how DB wouldn't want to be involved in some sort of Buffy/Angel reunion on a personal level, rather than a professional one.

He worked with the likes of Charisma, Alexis, Amy, and J. August for five years, not to mention the three years he spent alongside the Sunnydale cast. This is only my opinion but, if I was in his position, I certainly wouldn't look at going back for a telemovie or three as a chore. Okay, maybe careerwise it isn't a step forward but that isn't why I would do it.

I would jump at the chance to go back and spend a few weeks working alongside my old friends and work colleagues again. It's not as if anyone would be asking him to sign on for five seasons. Just a short amount of time working on a project with a bunch of people that I'd enjoyed working with in the past. Does it really matter that it is technically going back to an old role beyond that?

Again, I'm not saying that he is wrong in not wanting to devote his entire career to Angel. Nor am I saying he has some sort of commitment to the fans to keep on making more and more Angel related projects. It absolutely should be his own choice. I just don't really get why he wouldn't want to go back, just for a little while.
Do remember he did come back for the end of Buffy, because he felt he owed it to the fans. That was great!

But he has never been on board the TV movies. Movies that not many besides him support either. Most want a real reason, not just a paycheck to continue where they left the characters. Many have been just as vocal for moving on. It does not mean he has any less love for the character he player for ten years. It simply means he has found other work. Like leading his second successful tv series or using his free time to be with his growing family.

As of now Joss is too busy and so is DB. So worring about it is really a moot point. And besides David being involved, there are many other factors to getting or not getting these movies off the ground. Factors that never fell into place for the Spike, Faith of Giles ones either.
Oh, it's not a worry. As I said, I'm totally onboard with DB's position, for the most part.

I just feel that it would be impossible for me to not want to accept a chance to work with a bunch of old friends again for a little while. Especially if doing so would in no way interfere with my current work (I would imagine that any potential Angel project could be worked around DB's Bones schedule).

As you say, the fact is that this is a moot point as there simply is no Angel telemovie to accept or reject. I just hope that if the chance ever does come up and DB is faced with Joss asking him to return to the role of Angel in a telemovie that everyone feels is worthy of being made then he will do so, if only for the chance to work with an amazing bunch of people again. I'd hate him to dismiss it out of hand for the wrong reasons.
Arcane Actors need to be extremely careful not to be typecast, well if they want to get on anyway. DB's decision to not want to return to Angel is I feel a correct one. He will always be known by some, many even, as Angel. But he wont only want to be known as him. Angel, Booth, and the next and the one after than and so on and so forth.

At Halloween both DB and JM said that they were very much of the attitude of once it's over it's over, time to move onwards and upwards.

Also, and I'm not speculating because I'm really not interested, but you're asuming he liked everyone he worked with. I know he's friends with CK. But again at the Halloween con both DB and JM said that they aren't friends with everyone away from the set. They get on okay, but they aren't life long buddies. You do your job and when it's done it's done.

Acting is a very nomadic career and their approach seems a very healthy and pratical one.

Donna I think he came back to do the end of Btvs because he was contracted to and it was to get as many people interested in watching Ats that didn't already. I, and many others, while liking his appearance didn't like the completely OOC 180 his character had taken in the space of driving from LA to Sunnydale. It annoyed a lot of people.
I'm not sure that the typecasting issue would apply here, lynnie. At most we are talking about doing a telemovie or two. If eight years of playing a character hasn't already typecast you then a couple or telemovies isn't going to be all that much of a risk, especially as he already has established himself in the Bones role.

As for my assuming he likes everyone on set, that may not be the case, true enough. However, I've yet to read of any major issues between any of the Angel cast that would make me think that they didn't get along well on set.

I'm looking at it this way. I've worked in a few varied jobs over the years, none of which I particularly have any desire to return to full time. However, in most of them I formed a very solid group of work colleagues who I barely get chance to keep in touch with anymore. If somebody came to me and offered me a chance to go back and catch up with a particular group for a few weeks and I could do so without it conflicting with my current career than I'd snap up the opportunity. Acting may be a nomadic career but that doesn't preclude enjoying an occasional trip down memory lane.
No, he was not contracted. He very clearly in an interview done before the ep, said that he made the chioce to come back for and only for the fans. He said Joss asked and he could have said no. He said he did it because the fans had supported him all this time and he owed it to them and SMG to come back.

I never thought it was out of character.I can't speak for many.I can speak for myself and what I saw on boards, I frequented then and now. I rarely saw any say it OOC especially on non shipper Angel boards or people in real life who were not spoiled. Nor did I see it annoy people. Infact, many I saw wished it had been longer, to see him interact with Faith, Giles or even have Buffy, Faith, Angel and Spike all in one scene together. Or for Angel to tell Xander about Cordy. I loved the whole appearence. Joss also insisted on writting Angel in (per Marti Noxon), once David agree, and I love the way he did and why. Vintage Angel in every way. It also was used to tie Buffy's end to Angel's new season.

I think one day if everything falls into the right slot maybe. More likely we will get Fray(which I am up for) and find out what happened to our favorite scoobies and their children. You could possible then bring some people back for shot cameos to play descendents of original characters Like Faith,Oz,Dawn Or Xander. Maybe even Gunn if he survives(which I doubt)

As for the friends part, he and Eliza on many occasions(Comic Con,interviews,and during filming)said they hung out together offset. They were both at Comic con and went looking for each other the year Tru Calling started. She called him" her brother from another mother" She has said she has looked him up when she is in L.A. During the filming on Buffy the shared a trailer all season three and Db said the hung out after takes. Last year when Bones started he and others like AH or Nicky said they ate lunch or played tricks on each other because were on the same lot again filming wise. So yes I think DB is friend with some off screen. Like CK, ED and to some extent CC because of their children. CC even said she talkes to Jaime about the kids and occasional hangs with them.

[ edited by Donna Troy on 2006-10-26 20:15 ]
Agreeing with Donna Troy. DB was very clear that he came back to BtVS for the fans and for SMG and JW. Heck, even JW commented that DB did this as a favor to them and to give B/A fans something. I also didn't see his or Buffy's behavior with each other to be out of character at all. In fact, I thought they were exactly IN character.

I was at the Halloween UK con and I don't remember DB saying that once things were over it's over and time to move on. I remember him saying that he'd heard he wouldn't want to ever do Angel as a series again (also mentioned an interest in an Angel big screen movie) or that he was happy it ended and he called it BS...said he did miss it, he loved it, but it wasn't in his hands.

And he has said that or things like it since then too - more recently at a comic convention....

[ edited by love4ba on 2006-10-26 20:05 ]
Cheryl, I agree, they all look terrific and they're not that old. But by the time it would take to make the movie, they would be. Especially when you consider that JW isn't interested at the moment, and if he were, it would probably take years to come about.

I don't believe it's ever going to happen. Not a telemovie or a big screen movie. Not with the original cast, anyway.
Heck, I think most of the actors look better NOW then they did in the later seasons of either show.
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(Sorry, but you can see why I had to do it. Can't you?)


A good read!
I never thought it was out of character.I can't speak for many.I can speak for myself and what I saw on boards, I frequented then and now. I rarely saw any say it OOC especially on non shipper Angel boards or people in real life who were not spoiled. Nor did I see it annoy people.

That's nice that you didn't see the fury, but it still happened. People were very annoyed. And this was on general boards, not shipper sites. If you had never watched an episode of Ats you might feel it wasn't OOC. But for fans of the show, like me, who had just watched him kill his son, lose the woman he loves, mindwipe his friends and take over as CEO of Evil Inc, well yeah, it was OOC to see him peppy and quippy.

This is a very long thread isn't it. Basically DB said he doesn't know if he'd do a movie. That's all he's said and whatever is speculated here is just that, speculation.

Luc He definitely did say that at Halloween. I was right close when he said it. Twas a lovely view. ;0)

[ edited by lynnie on 2006-10-26 22:23 ]
I watched every Angel ep and still did not see it as OOC. Cordy was never a woman Angel could come out and say he loved, not evne when he "killed" her.Cordy had not been Cordy for a long time and she ceased to be important when Conner was involved. I loved Home. Thought it was one of TM finest eps. I saw him do what he thought was right, give peace to his son and see him was finally happy. With his friends, they all made the choice to join W&H. He did everything for his son and really had no guilt. Even the mind wipe was for the best as Wes/Angel would have never been able to be friends again without it. He took the amulet to make the pack to save Conner. No one else matter but him.

Then he went to Buffy. And while there were many scenes I wanted to see, as fan of BOTH shows I loved him coming over and was very happy to see the themes from Angel carried over to Buffy. Joss must of believed the character was in character as he wrote those scenes.

Angel the character liked to deal with bad things by becoming moody and then throwing himself into the next mission he could find. He did that here. He saw his son happy and then went to be a hero to those whom he still loved and considered friends.( sad Giles and them could not return the favor with Fred) For me I think he came as much for Buffy as Faith. They had really bonded and he knew she could die if he did not help out in some small way.

The "Fury" as you called it may have happened, but so did the happiness at seeing him back on Buffy. Some people were annoyed, some were not. I also went to many general Angel and Buffy boards(including the Bronze)and saw alot of happiness, so like everything in the Buffyworld, it is a matter of interpertation and your own opinions. All I can say is I loved it. I was happy with why and when it happened.
Right, enough of this. Discussion closed.
Can someone just tell me what OCC means? I'm clueless here. OK, that's all :)
Out Of Character

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