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October 25 2006

James Gunn blogs about Slither's DVD release. Includes a couple pictures of everyones favourite Captain. If you haven't seen this film (or even if you have) go and buy it now.

Noticed this DVD on the rack yesterday. Though I love Nathan as an actor, you have to draw a line. I passed it over and walked away.
Not even giving it a chance? Go on, give it a rental at least.
Why would you draw a line so that it excludes a great movie? That's just silly.
I don't like gory movies but I went to see this because of Nathan and I loved it. Loved it so much I'm going to be getting the HD-dvd version of it! Yes, it had gore in it but it also had a lot of humor - and Nathan!! Very fun movie!
Yep, nice little B movie that knows it and doesn't care. Much as the whole cast did well I think Nathan took his part and turned mediocre lines into good ones and good ones into great.

It's got some gore but it's not torture gore, it's silly space alien gore, gross but not really nasty if that makes sense.
I got mine delivered yesterday, watched it, and really quite enjoyed it! It took a while to get going, but once it was there, I found it very very funny

So much so I shall be taking it with me to a Movie Night tommorow. Cant say I dont love my Captain!
I get that, Saje. I can laugh and clap for the gore in John Carpenter's "The Thing", or even some of the splatter in "Starship Troopers"... but just try to show me a scene where someone's getting a fingernail pulled out??? (((shudder)))

No. Frickin'. Way.
Ah...the Syriana scene....*gulp* I also have issues with the Saw movies, and I think I watched a good deal of Hostel through my fingers.

But still, decent movies.
Excellent distinction, all. Slither is a gory anti-gore movie that takes a position against cruelty. Give it a chance, as I'm giving in to the bold font, Madhatter
I'm looking forward to seeing all the DVD extra features -- gag reels, making-of, commentary (I think it's James and Nathan), etc. :-)
I have to admit, I did not see this film when it came out in theaters, but after getting the chance to go to the Slither Screening for ScreamfestLA after work, I have to say that I did enjoy it. Yes, there were some icky bits, but the humor really good. I'll probably be buying this DVD next week. And I do want to see the DVD extras xD
Well I am not a horror fan at all(was really creeped out by Silent Hill), probalby wont buy the DVD, but at the Halloween shindig on Friday we will be watching it, so hopefully it will be good. And hopefully I want get freaked out by the gore.
Yeah, it's gooey gross gore, not disturbing sadistic gore. And it's the absurdity of the gore and situations that make such seemingly generic lines so funny. Though, if foul language bothers you, you might want to pass.

Also, it doesn't have the gratuitous sex trappings its DVD art might imply. I mean, metaphorically, it's full of them, but you're not seeing naked coeds going at it just for the hell of it before getting killed off.
The gore was mostly meat... lots and lots of meat. As in the kind you cook and eat (don't want to say too much here!) I only jumped a few times...suprising for me!

I gotta say I hate horror, but went and saw this in the theater only because Nathan was in it. I haven't had that much fun at a movie in a long time (excluding Serenity of course!) It really is funny and there are lots of classic one-liners. The extra features were fun to watch too. If you aren't sure about it, rent it and give it a chance, then buy it if you enjoy it :-)
Meat eh? maybe not too appetizing for vegetarians like me. hehe ;)
Cool! It's in my que. What a beautiful man. Can't wait for Lost!

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