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October 25 2006

(SPOILER) Nathan on LOST Nov 8th. Serenity star Nathan Fillion will guest star on the Nov. 8 episode of ABC's hit series Lost.

I would soooo watch that, alas, I dont have cable, I just hope he gets the exposure he deserves.
kurya and goth_huntress, click on the Lost tag, and you will see more information about this upcoming ep from previous posts about it! :-)
Hooray and thanks to Sky One buying Lost in the UK, I'll see this episode a lot sooner than I thought.
I'm surprised he's comng so soon, just in time for the first part of season three to end. Well, if there are more appearances to come, so much the better,
Sneak peek at Nathan in Lost. It's a bold move by Abrams and co.
Last night's Lost was fantastic and I can't wait to see Nathan on the show.
"Hooray and thanks to Sky One buying Lost in the UK, I'll see this episode a lot sooner than I thought"

I hate you!!!
Seconding the thanks to Sky One. I couldn't believe the news that I was actually going to be able to see Lost's third season in a realistic (for spoiler avoiding) time frame.

After making us wait over a year for season one E4 then again waited until the second season was almost over in the US before they even started showing it here in the UK and then wondered why so many people had jumped ship...

In the age of downloading television episodes it doesn't take a lot of brainpower to realise that you need to keep as close to US transmissions as possible if you intend to keep an audience. Thankfully Sky One appreciate that (as proven by Lost and 24).

Now if they had only done the same with Battlestar Galactica...
A 13 week haitus??? GRR, I hate American scheduling.
I feel a bit sorry for those people who don't have Sky One, though. It's a premium channel.

Nathan is appearing in two episodes, I believe. He was also likely on the island when they had their earthquake recently, too. (Actual earthquake in real life, that is).
The thirteen week hiatus is actually something that should work in favour of the fans, flugufrelsarinn. It's being done to allow for two uninterrupted runs of the show, rather than new episodes being shown all over the place. It also allows us UK viewers to follow an almost identical schedule so I'm all for it.

It is a shame for those without Sky One, gossi, but sooner or later all the non-digital viewers are going to have to get with the 21st century and upgrade to a freeview box at the very least. Given that you can now get Sky One on several very cheap satellite or cable packages I don't see that it's that big a deal. If they absolutely don't want to pay for Sky, NTL or whatever then there is still the option of getting the DVDs. An option many prefer already.
Arcane - there's some landlords (and housing agreements) that don't allow Sky dishes, that also live in areas without cable.
Yeah, I know there are no options that suit everyone, gossi. That's just the way of the world. At the end of the day there will always be somebody who isn't happy.

I'm sure that there are places in the UK that can't even get a decent terrestrial reception, especially on Five, meaning that even if Lost remained on Channel 4 they might end up missing out. Some may not own a DVD player. Some homes can't afford a television at all. No answer will allow for every home to enjoy Lost, or any other television series for that matter. I just think that the time is approaching where going digital is unavoidable and that having to pay for channels like Sky One is just the way things are going to go, like it or not.
well flugufrelsarinn, that was done in response to complaints about repeats. Now, there are no repeats.
Well, yeah Arcane - I'm just voicing up for the majority of the UK (who don't have cable or Sky). Personally, I don't care - I download & mockity mock Lost.
(...)& mockity mock Lost.

Love that. mockity mock....
November 8? That's only two weeks from now!! Woohoo!
This post contains spoilers ... I don't trust that Ask Ausiello guy, to make a tangential link to this thread from his reporting about a Buffy actor being on E.R.. and while I do believe Nathan is going to be on in November, he also said

Huge Grain of Salt -- neither will I.
Sneak peek at Nathan in Lost. It's a bold move by Abrams and co.
Simon | October 26, 11:37 CET

OMG, Simon...I think I peed my pants a little ...rofl! ;op
Simon, that was bloody brilliant. Thanks!

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