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October 26 2006

Webcomic "Home on the Strange" has a minor, yet charming Serenity tribute in its Halloween 2006 series (currently in progress). Also contains a bonus mention of Sarah Michelle Gellar's role in "The Grudge."

I still have a cold so I'm unable to spot the Serenity tribute. Can anyone help?
The guy is dressed as dead Wash, also the girl is dressed as Zoe

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Cousin It on a boat? Brilliant.
Ha! I really need to go back to my bed. Thanks Jona.
That Dead Wash costume is profoundly disturbing...
Yeah, I mean where's the stake ? That sort of lack of attention to detail is disturbing.
Speaking of stakes, technically Buffy didn't stake Angel. She stabbed him with a sword. If she'd staked him he would've been dust.

But still enjoyed the Buffy shoutout.
In the last frame of Part 1, I thought "Zoe" was pregnant, which would have been an even better costume. (Still not sure what she's holding... her knees?)
I believe it's her knee or knees.

Unless it's an enormous Halloween Dark Chocolate Truffle, in which case I'm so already over there.
I think he might be Zombie Wash, hence the missing giant stick. Not convenient for chasing Alliance soldiers and eatin' their braaaaaiins...
Ha, I read this comic and missed his costume. Awesome, maybe I should do that for Halloween...
Part 3 is up.

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