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October 26 2006

Angel: Masks out this week in comic book shops. These are classic Angel stories. IDW's best one-shot release to date.

The stories in this anthology are superb. I really didn't know what to expect before reading it but they just blew me away. And it was really good to see Chris Golden writing for the Buffyverse again.

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So is it worth the eight bucks? I was stunned when I saw that cover price and put it back on the shelf.
Oh I really want to get this! I just adore that puppet Angel cover. Beautiful work.
Well, if it's got a firm cover (like the Spike one shots) and is 48 pages then about 4.50 (or $8) is fairly normal for IDW, if it's a normal cover (so effectively just a double issue) i'd agree that's pretty steep.

Picking it up tomorrow or Saturday hopefully.
I'll be picking this up tomorrow. :)
I'm hoping to get my copy by Saturday - Sounds like its going to be great.

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I just picked it up.My favorite story in it is the Cordelia one.Plus I love the artwork for that one.Chris Golden wrote it.Would love to see him write another story for the IDW comics.The Lindsey story is also a hoot.It reveals how Lindsey first met Eve.I found the Illyria story quite poetic and sad.That ending,poor Wes.The Puppet Angel story was cute although I enjoyed the other stories more.I thought the Illyria and Cordelia stories had more depth.All four stories are good though.

I'd recommend picking it up.
Loved this comic. Probably the best comic, for me, since the original Angel series. Though I did enjoy both the Conner and Illyria oneshots. They need to do more of these kind of group books.

Was unpacking it at the store today and was amazed how much cuter the pic of puppet Angel was.

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Told ye it would be good! I especially enjoyed the Lindsey story, really felt like a missing piece of the actual show. This book really feels to me like it fits thematically and continuity-wise... glad I got to be involved!
The price seemed a little steep to me, too, but I look at it this way: I'm not just buying a comic, I'm supporting the franchise, and demonstrating demand for more Angel comics.
Getting it tomorrow :)
Its so very pretty
It's a cruel, cruel world and the shipment to my store was delayed yesterday and I don't know if I'll manage another trip today.

Cruel, I tells ya.
I've just finished reading it and it was well worth the money. All the stories were a good read and the art was great throughout.
Hey all, James Patrick here. I wrote the Lindsey/Eve story in the book and I just really wanted to thank everyone who checked it out. Especially if my story was your favorite :) All kidding aside, thanks so much for picking it up, I sure had a blast writing it and it was a dream come true to put my little addition into a universe I love so much.

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