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October 26 2006

Vampyre Club seeks new Recruits in London.

Even more vampire, sorry Vampyre, stories in the news. Isn't Halloween a great time of the year?

Well, this is just... odd.
OK, one more time: what did we learn from Buffy?

1. Fraternities only want you as a sacrifice for Machida.
2. Spilling blood on demonic sigils on Halloween? Not good.
3. Never join a vampire-loving cult.
Haven't they heard? Vampires have been mathematically proven not to exist.
I've long suspected you Brits do this sort of thing, but it's good to see it confirmed. Tsk, tsk. Your very own Vampyre "Sunset Clubs." *grin*

Buffy: "I am trying to save you! You are playing in some serious traffic here! Do you understand that? You're going to die! And the only hope you have of surviving this is to get out of this pit right now, and, my God, could you have a dorkier outfit?" -- Lie to Me
Not odd at all, completely harmless. I went to a meeting once with my sister who goes regularly. It's just a fun group of (mostly gothy) people who like Buffy and other books/films/tv shows about vampires, sitting about in a pub chatting and having a few drinks.
I found it highly wonderful that the girl in the interview's last name was Summers.
Wonder if she was born with that surname ? ;)

Don't they prefer 'Lonely ones' anyway ? Each to their own, everyone should have a hobby (and if they meet in a pub they can't be all that weird ;).

(and Hoban,

4. Beware of masks, no matter how 'nice' they might seem.)
Well, i get some weird looks when i tell people i collect vampire stuff - not scarey weird things but toys like vampire smurf, vampire mr potato head, vampire beanie bear, count von count stuff, etc. i think they are so cute!

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