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October 26 2006

Serenity premieres 4th November on Sky Movies. Serenity and Star Wars Episode 3 kick off Sky's month of Sci-Fi classics. They have profiles of a delightfully grinning Joss and the ever beautiful Summer, along with a review. They declare Serenity a box office smash twice, and it's on the internet so it must be true.

Look mummy, I did a positive link.

They declare Serenity a box office smash twice, and it's on the internet so it must be true.

In the words of Jayne, "damn straight!"
How long before someone latches onto the obvious mistake in the Joss profile which asserts that "Whedon has promised that there will be Serenity sequels"?
One of the comments includes "Gets a bit tedious towards the end..."

Dude! What movie were YOU watching?

Sadly I won't be watching this as one, I have cancelled my Sky Movies subscription and two, I have a big plant thing taking over the wall of my house and since it covered the satelite dish I can't get any Sky at all. My brother has promised he'll come by with a big ladder to let me cut it back but that was weeks ago.
Dude! What movie were YOU watching?

Check out the name of person who left that comment... He's prettier.
R. Feldman? you mean either fanty or mingo? I dunno it could be him or someone just using a fake name...

ETA: Just wanted to add River is so very very pretty. So is Joss. He is pretty too. Pretty funny looking ha ha ha.... come on, you had to expect that bad joke.

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Well if it was Fanty or Mingo then I suppose the bit of the movie after they die would be tedious...
I don't remember Fanty or Mingo dying in Serenity.
I think it was hinted at when Mal's refuge sites all got wiped out by the Operative and co. There may be a direct reference to it in the script.
I think that it is only that they aren't in Serenity towards the end. Also, I don't think that they were killed. It was the folks who offered them refuge, not just business 'partners'
I agree that I think Fanty and Mingo got away and are alive and well and setting up robberies somewhere in the 'Verse; they're more in the Badger category of "business partners," as mifeng points out. It's not the type of group Zoe specified when she was giving the list of people to warn.
The spelled acutely wrong. Or is "accutely" a regionnal variant? Spell-checking one's website is for everybody (although I'd let it slide for a certain big man--with his big arms, big knife, big guns, etc.).

"Hell, I don't know. If I had wanted schooling, I'da gone to school."

Edited because people who feel compelled to correct spelling (it's the special hell) need to use correct punctuation.

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Well wasn't there a torture scene of Fanty and mingo in the original script? B/c in the novelization(which is based on the script), fanty and mingo are tortured by the Operative to extract info. And I remember reading soemwhere Joss had a clip of that "interrogation" scene cut from the movie.
Correct - Mingo and Fanty were held hostage by Le Operative-formerly-called-Jude, but escaped.

Then they took the Liverpool banana boat around space, playing with Jamie and his magic torch. I made a bit of that up.
I made a bit of that up.

Well, yeah, clearly, since Jamie had to pawn the torch in the early 90s to pay for Wordsworth's cataract operation. Sad story really, the point being he doesn't play with it anymore, in space, or out of it. Callous, man, very callous. Tsk.

Amazingly 'Serenity' is on Sky Movies 1 which I actually have (only got the odd channels) so I have the option to watch it (normally, anything i'm vaguely interested in is on SM2). They did an interesting thing a couple of weeks back with 'Pride and Prejudice' where they showed the film on SM1 and the film with commentary simultaneously on another channel (probably SM3 or 5 but I don't remember). That'd be very cool with 'Serenity' given how entertaining and informative Joss' commentaries are.
Sky sometimes show their movies with extra features, and in the case of Serenity I know the Sky Movies crew shot a lot of material with the Sernity cast and crew in Edinburgh as I spoke to them.. They were with the cast for, like, 2 hours I think. Not sure if they'll air any of it, though.
Hmmm... Now I'm confused. I was sure you saw Fanty and Mingo on one of the monitors showing all Mal's friends the Operative had killed.

I suppose I'll just have to watch it again...
I thought so too zz9.

Edited because I am not typing well in a hurry...

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