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October 26 2006

Anthony Head's Fortean Times Interview. Anthony Head talks about his work on Destroy All Humans 2, Doctor Who, True Horror, Ripper, and more!

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"That’s why, quite often, one shouldn’t have a meaningful conversation on the telephone, because you read all sorts of things into what is being said! In writing, if you send an email or text to somebody you can’t put the stress into things. So, therefore, people read all sorts of disparate things into it."

Oh, yeah, big time. I'd like to develop a Shaw-like notation for the interwebs that restores the emotional flavours and nuance left out by text on its own.

(Re: Ripper) "And my suggestion to him that sometime that we might do it independently of Buffy – if it’s too late to attach it to Buffy – then I would say it would be lovely to shoot it as a little independent work because it is a fabulous little ghost story."

I found this fairly interesting. Oh, and I loved it that he thought that Serenity was a beautiful film.

(Nice find, heliograph; I read the Fortean Times frequently 'cause a friend of mine often writes for it. (Very slight brag - please forgive me.) Never saw this...)
Loved that interview! And yes we are all still interested in a Ripper movie/series!! I also loved that he described Serenity as a beautiful film!
My conclusion from the series is that what humans do to each other and to things around them – animals – is far worse than anything Hollywood can ever concoct.

Wow. I loves me some Head. With a capital h.
As a computer scientist I was extremely thrilled to see that Mr Head was being interviewed by Fortran Times. Then I read the headline closer.
He doesn't know if people would still be interested? Is he just being modest? Clearly he needs to get over here and do a bit of reading.
Fascinating, thanks for sharing it.

On Edit: Looks like you lucky Brits can get the True Horror DVD from Amazon UK ... sniff!

ASH in True Horror

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I think that if 'Torchwood' gets good ratings, then the BBC will definately be interested in doing another horror/sci-fi series for adults, and hopefully that show will be 'Ripper'.
Tony Head said he'd do ripper "in a shot"

Have you heard any other former stars say anything that wasn't positively dripping with disgust about the show? David and Sarah are always horrible.

It makes me love Tony best!
In fairness, I'm sure people like Alexis and Alyson would do one, too, if the deal looked good.

With regards to Torchwood - it's currently the #1 non-sports program on Digital TV. Considering it aired on BBC Three, that's quite an achievement.
"Tony Head said he'd do ripper "in a shot"

Have you heard any other former stars say anything that wasn't positively dripping with disgust about the show? David and Sarah are always horrible.

It makes me love Tony best!
Alex2459 | October 27, 20:28 CET "

Actually, yes, I have heard and/or read all of the cast say nice things about the show and what it did for them. What is different is how anxious they are to do something new and different. ASH is looking with pleasure at taking his character from a secondary character to a lead role. DB and SMG already did the lead for five and seven years respectively. I think it has been established that pretty much any of the actors who played secondary characters would be interested in turning it into a short-term leading role if Joss asked them to.

There is always a huge difference in the attitudes of younger and older actors when it comes to signature roles that they have just finished doing. There is also a difference between actors in lead roles and secondary roles. As ASH is both an older actor and a secondary character who left the show as a regualr cast member years before the show ended, comparing his attitude with actors much younger and who were with their characters more intensly for a longer period is definately comparing...vampires to werewolves...or something like that.

SMG and especially DB are working to create careers after being mainly known for one very memorable role. They understand typecasting and the youth above all else mentality in Hollywood and know that they have to move forward quickly to establish that they are marketable in other roles or their careers will stop dead.

ASH on the other hand, has been doing a variety of things for years before, during and after BtVS, partly because he was not as tied to it for as long, partly because he works in the UK, which has a different mind-set, and partly because he had had a varied career before BtVS. BtVS opened doors for him, but it did not begin his career. (I know, SMG was in soaps in NYC first, but she was still a kid and soaps in NYC is not Hollywood...and not what she wanted to do with her career.)

Each actor is dealing with their careers in a way that makes sense to them. Some will feel a need to put space between them and their roles, others not so much. Some will be honest about their time on the show and dare to include comments about things that they wished had been different. In the end this is their job we are talking about and even if it was an overall positive experience that does not mean that everything was perfect for them.
Ripper!! yes!!

When was ASH in Spooks?? I must have missed that episode.
ASH was in 'Spooks' way back in the first series I think (when Tom was still in it). He played an old spy who was undercover so long he ended up falling in with the people he was infiltrating and betraying MI5.

I can't believe he did all that swimming pool dialogue from his Doctor Who episode in the studio, presumably without David Tennant there to act off of. It's a great scene and i've an even higher appreciation for his talents knowing that. Seamless.

newcj's comment was pretty spot on I reckon. It is different for older, more established actors and it certainly seems to be different over here to the US though i'm not exactly sure why. Chris Ecclestone for instance left after only one series (13 episodes) of 'Doctor Who' and to take 'Spooks' as another example since it was mentioned, apart from one or two actors the entire cast has changed in less than 5 years (or only about 45 episodes given UK 'seasons').

I think that sort of cast turnover on what are very successful series is virtually unheard of in US TV.
Nicely stated Newcj!
Ditto to everything newcj just said.

Bring on the Ripper. I would be thrilled to see this!

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