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October 27 2006

Dark Horse to Deliver More Serenity Sculptures. reports that Dark Horse, makers of the Serenity ship ornament, have plans for "possible new spaceship ornaments and a PVC mini-figure box set".

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You should change the title.. I thought it was an announcement for more comics.

Anyway, I have the ornament and it's pretty sweet! Awesome that they'll do more.
Yay! Great news! I wonder how small the mini-figures will be!

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One of them will be of 11th Hour.

Hmph. I'd rather spend the money contributing to 11th's defense fund.
Ok, added the word "sculptures" to help those who associate Dark Horse mainly with comics.

About 11th Hour, I hope their fine gets knocked down to a fraction of what Fox's demand asked for (since the demand was for an amount equal to an exclusive merchandise license, yet 11th Hour was not exclusive!). It also seems like the only reason 11th Hour got a demand rather than a cease & desist was because their artwork was so freaking good.

But my point is that I like Dark Horse's official work and there's no harm in supporting those craftspeople who are working legitimately, when they do nice work.
I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that the possible model they are working on is the Mule with little versions of Mal, Jayne, Zoe, and River-in-goggles in it, from the opening act of Serenity.

Dark Horse cannot, to the best of my knowledge, use any ships from the tv series so there's no chance it is Jubal Early's neat looking (but likely vertigo inducing!) ship or a city-like Alliance baseship. And the other ships seen in the movie Serenity aren't memorable. So it's either the flying Mule or it is a repaint of the Serenity (reaver painted version). And chances are it is the Mule, because they can use the same sculptor(s) to shape the seated people are they have sculpting the mini-figures.

Sounds like the PVC mini figures/statues are much more sure to happen in any case.
possible new spaceship ornaments

I really hope they take Nathan's suggestion of the hood ornament on board.
Reaver Serenity!
Willowy: "Hmph. I'd rather spend the money contributing to 11th's defense fund."

As billz is so fond of saying, Word, yo', Willowy.

Although maybe I'll make my own "Free the 11th Hour One" Action Figures. A teeny, tiny 11th Hour sitting at a teeny, tiny computer. For hours.
I'll buy one QG! But then I may buy what Dark Horse has to sell too! Or buy a couple to give away at the next Charity screening- if they come out in time.
Um, my enthusiasm did not indicate that I wanted to buy licensed merchandise. I never buy figures, so they wouldn't be losing any business, anyway. However, I would love to see a picture of Reaver Serenity, Special Fillion Edition, with the child-sized skeleton hood ornament.
Word, yo, QuoterGal! ;-)

Yeah, it's even less exciting now to think of spending $100 for something really great *coughriverandreaverscough* now that I know more about the business of licensing. :-(
Ooooooooh. Oooooooh, I say.

I've got Dark Horse's Hellboy: The Movie PVC set, and it is beautiful, so this could be really good.

But guys, I support 11th Hour, too--but are we now hating all official Serenity stuff? How is that going to help, exactly?
Well personally, I don't feel like giving 'them' any more money right now. Don't really care how ambiguous the money flow all is, that's just how I feel.
I'll still support the 'verse as much as I can. I loved Firefly from the beginning but hated Fox for how they handled everything but I still bought the DVD set when it came out. I want these stories to continue and the only way that will happen is if the merchandise continues to sell. By boycotting all the merchandise for Serenity coming out I kind of feel that's a slap in the face to Joss and the Firefly/Serenity crew and all the hard work and heart they put into giving us such a wonderful story and fantastic acting. I do have sympathy for 11th hour and feel for what she's going through but don't feel boycotting all Serenity merchandise will make things better and/or punish Universal. It won't hurt them because they'll just have more movies and merchandise of other movies to make their money off of. They'll just say to Hell with Serenity and move on to other things.
Just FY'alls info, I'm not promoting a boycott of Serenity merchandise, and I don't propose that anyone start "hating" official Serenity stuff. You all should do what you'all want, and I don't propose, at this time, doing any concerted political/economic activity along these lines, especially in any way that might reflect negatively on Joss or potentially affect 11th Hour's position. I'm interested in seeing how all of that spins out.

But as things stand, I'm probably not going to resist an opportunity to make a crack about official Serenity merchandise, nor am I currently personally at all inclined to pop the hard-earned scheckels for new stuff. This is not a tremendous loss for anyone, as I've bought very little official stuff other than books & DVDs. I might feel differently if I thought that Joss benefitted from merchandise sales.
I'll buy pretty much anything 'verse related if it catches my fancy cause .. well I'm a pathetic fangirl. Even if Joss doesn't benefit from swag sales buying offical stuff shows Uni our support for Serenity. Bottom line for them is to make a profit. If they made more cashy money they'd be more inclined to make sequels (sic?)(Though I really don't see that happening.. sadly)

I think the only unoffical stuff I've ever bought was some window decals cause places like Uni NEVER make window decals.
I've heard of sequels that get made just because the swag sells extreamly well.. Can't remember what movie it was supposed to be but in the words of Yogurt "Merchandising is where the REAL money is made!" Okay box office sales are a BIG part of it but if Serenity swag sold as well as those god awful Elmo things don't ya think we'd get a sequel?

It's not impossible just very, very improbable. XP Either that or I'm just a complete moron. heh
Those PVC-sets tend to come in threes (three figures each, I mean)... I wonder, will we get three sets, then? Or even four, with Operative/Mr Universe/A Reaver mixed in?

Hands of PVC, three by three? :-P

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