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October 27 2006

"Gawker stalker" spots James Marsters filming with Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler in New York. The boys were signing autographs for students from NYU.

Not much of an article, but it has been great reading fan accounts and seeing pictures on various boards (CDS,Imdb and Marsters Mobsters to name a few). Apparently, Oscar nominated director/writer, Richard LaGravenese is a fan of Buffy. Cast and fans compliment the cast/crew as being a very nice bunch.

Oh god, Gawker Stalker.
My friend goes to NYU!! I shall have to call him up, lol...
How do we know it wasn't George Clooney?
I don't know him/her, but "Gawker Stalker" certainly sounds like a lovely person. ;)
Damn, how'd they see all those celebs? I need to hang out in NYC more.
Simon, do you mean HIlary, JM or Gerard Butler?
In case it isn't clear, these sightings aren't all from a single person.
Just happy to see JM's name juxtaposed with La Swank. Can major stardom be far behind?
That's one of the things (maybe the only thing) I miss about living in NYC. Celebrity sightings were a daily thing. In all the time I spent around NYU, though, I would have traded three Woody Allens, a Malcolm Jamal Warner, and a Robin Williams just to see James there!
I'd not heard of this column, so when I saw the title, I thought "Gawker stalker? Which one of the fan reports of sightings is this? And isn't that remark slightly harsh from Whedonesque?" ;-)
Thanks Simon for the quip. Not only did it bring a smile to my face, but I think I've now solved what was for me the puzzle of why the Go Fug Yourself site has George as their 'intern'.
Apparently GC can't stand Gawker/Stalker and said he was planning on sending in false sightings so that the site would eventually become useless. No-one would know if the sightings were real or not and not bother following them up.

I get his point, but I can't help squeeing over JM being on there. Daft I know, but still.
The problem with Gawker Stalker is that there's some nutters who monitor it all day, and if anybody famous pops up they go and find them. Gawker Stalker has a live map thing, which tells you where to go. As a result, if somebody like GC goes to buy a pair of shoes, he ends up with the usual group of nutters following him around the shop. Now, people spotting you is part of the fame thing. People following you around and turning in mass 'net groups whenever you move is a different deal, and is something has come about from the internet age (and chiefly, that site).
Oh, now I get the thing about George Clooney. (It took me two days)

I can understand why actors wouldn't want professional stalkers alerted to their whereabouts. Still, like cronopio, I get a charge seeing James Marsters name linked with Hilary Swank and the rest of that talented cast and crew. Also, love the idea that the Oscar nominated director/writer was impressed with his work on Buffy.

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Oh, spikeylover, don't get me wrong - I agree. James is doing well for himself at the moment. I hope the movie opens big, because if it does, he'll get stuff from it.
Go James!! I seen on the IMDB (PS I Love You) site that someone had met James filming and even got a picture with him. She attached the picture to her message at I never thought I would want to be in NYC.
I'm with you, luvspike, I never thought I would want to be in New York, but now. . . . And I'm all a-squee about James being in this movie and having his name linked with those of the rest of the cast. I really hope this gets him the recognition he deserves. Now a lot more people will get to see what we already know: the man is a marvel! I just hope he doesn't forget us when he becomes hugely famous.

Sorry. I'm just such a fangurl. And while I feel sorry for George Clooney because of the problems this site has created for him, if I lived in New York, I'd probably be doing the same sort of thing to James that those "nutters" are doing to Clooney! Hopefully with a little more restraint and finesse, but probably not. . . . I so need to get a life. . . .

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