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October 27 2006

Everything you wanted to know about the Buffy season 8 comic book and then some. Major interview with Georges Jeanty over at Hellmouth Central. It's very exciting reading material for Buffy fans.

Interesting stuff from Mr. Jeanty, and he's a handsome dude. Too bad one possibility can't happen because comic book company lines are tougher to cross than TV network lines, but the new Buffy series is something a lot of people just can't wait to see.
Great interview.Thanks for posting it. I've never been a comic-book reader but I'm looking forward to this one.
What a lovely man -- how he gets what this world means to Joss (and us,) and I loved that it matters to GJ to understand that. I await these comics, of course. Oh, and this was dear to hear:

7: "Whatís been the most fun about doing this series so far?"

GJ: "Jossís little, and he doesnít send long e-mails, but he sends little bits of 'beautiful, love the work, love the page.' That has beenÖitís been really nice when you can satisfy that person whose vision you are trying to complement. And that has been the most gratifying part of all this."

A great interview.So this series will be running more then 20 issues with a occasional hiatus between arcs.Also confirmation of Joss writing the last arc himself.With Joss writing the first four issue arc himself and the last four,it's like him writing the season premiere and season finale while overseeing the rest that the other writers will be doing.It really feels structurally like a T.V. season to me.
I am looking forward to this comic so much it's almost insane. Thank You to Joss for continuing Buffy and my favorite Universe.
Very nice interview, btw. It's always nice to hear people describe Joss's love for the character Buffy. I love her too. :)
This sounds so amazing. Georges Jeanty sounds like such a great guy.

And I just wanna give a little thanks to Joss for coming back to his old storytelling universes--and not for money, but because he has PASSION, which is so rare in entertainment nowadays--while still marching forward and taking up new worlds. It's an amazing achievement, and I just want to give him a sincere thanks for this. These characters and these stories mean a hell of a lot to me.
I love the way he has latched onto the show as a fan, how he keeps talking about the episodes. And more hints than I expected too!
Anyone know what Ron Glass thought about his comic book cover? Since I thought it was an amazing likeness, I'd like to know if he agreed.
Damn Joss, he has me excited about a comic book! I never thought this day would come.
i'm looking forward to this sooooo much !
I can't wait for this.

I am sooooooooo happy Xander is with buffy and a big part of these comics.

I hear Faith might be in the next 4.
I find it fascinating that he entered the show with series 6, and loves it - that to him, this is definitive Buffy. Curious what he makes of the first five seasons for that.
He didnít cloud it so much with other players. And Iím assuming that as the series progresses, weíll learn more and more. Itís sort of like introducing your cast and then as they come together, the cast itself gets bigger.

I sincerely hope it won't be getting as near as big as in S7.
Jeanty is a nice guy, but I don't think he really knows what Joss has in mind for the season. When he's talking about the season, he's only refering to the first four issues. For example: there is no mentioning about the so called Immortal. He talks only about the cast consisting out of a few slayers we see through Buffy (not explicitely). I find it hard to believe that the cast will stay that way. I kind of hope it does, cuz to me the best seasons were the seasons where the story was only about a few characters. You then have better characterization and the story can be focussed more around the themes and plot. And as Buffy is a character and theme driven show, I find that rather important.
It also possible that Jeanty knows all about it, but he's simply evading 'the truth', playing with us, to make sure he doesn't reveal anything important.

One issue every month. About 20 issues for one season. That's close to two years for one season. Here I'd hoped it would be going a little faster.
Oh, praise be! I'm a happy camper today. Fast forward to March - sod Christmas! And please, some Faith!
2007 is pretty much going to be an amazing year for everything.
UnpluggedCrazy - You're right - Joss has me ;)

The Jossverse has turned me into comic book woman so I will be buying this series.
So excited! I also loved how he decribed Joss's passion for these characters, particularly Buffy. Such a sweet guy, I'm so happy he's going back to watch all the episodes. I'm a little jealous.
Can't wait for the official season 8. I wish Buffy went on as long as ER has.
I'm so excited I can't say anything interesing or articulate. Just that Jeanty looks like a really good choice for the comic and seems like a cool guy, the redhead in the green Phoenix costume is a stunner, the comics being a series of mini-series may play like 4 or 5 episodes rather than 20+ episodes, and BRING ON MARCH!!!
Truthfully? I don't much care what they look like. I am interested in the portrayal, but much more interested in what they have to say. The witty, the pretty and the wise of them comes through the words for me. A picture may paint a thousand words, but a few well said phrases can last a lifetime.

I am a newcomer to comics but after all the good advice and references from Whedonesquers, I may just become the favourite patron of my local comic book store.

(I think they see the 'squee' in my eyes when I try to talk calmly about Astonishing X-Men and throw around TPB and 8th season of Buffy)
I've never been into comic books but I'm now looking forward to this in 2007
almost as much as Doctor Who series three. :-)
The owner of my local comic book store recently apologized to me because he hadn't set aside the Stan Lee Spiderman issue in which Joss had written a story.When he got in more copies, he insisted I have one free because he wasn't doing his job.
"I should have known that Whedon had written one and put it aside for you" he said.
So thanks to Whedonesque and the store owner, I feel fairly confident I will never miss anything Joss does in comics. What I don't know is if it is a good thing to be indulged this way!
This comic is truly a gift. I'm thankful for whedonesque keeping us all in the loop about its progress.

7: We had spoken earlier about Nicholas Brendon being here. Are you planning on maybe showing him a little headshot of what youíre going to make him look like?

Ever since I heard about the Buffy comic happening I wondered how the cast featured in it felt, knowing they could follow along with the rest of us to see how it all turns out. I know if I'd been one of the actors I'd be thrilled.
Serenity: Those Left Behind, Serenity, Buffy: Season 8, Serenity: Better Days. Even with his shows off the air Joss still keeps the stories coming. I'm hoping we'll see a Joss-run Angel: Season Six at IDW someday. The man's brilliant. If he made home movies with those kind of crappy looking action figures, it'd still be gold.
Lioness: What I don't know is if it is a good thing to be indulged this way!

Oh, hell, Lioness, why not? We deserve these little touches that make life easier and mean so much, and I'm glad you're getting that kind of personal attention from your very own Comic Book Guy. It's like a little mint on the pillow of life.

(Oh, please, forgive me, I don't know where the hell that trite phrase came from, but for some reason I'm compelled to leave it.)
No worries QuoterGal, I think your little metaphor was awesome.

AND, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad these are coming. What would I do withut Buffy? I wouldn't be the writer I am--hell--I wouldn't be the person I am without Buffy and Angel. Joss is my hero.
Well, QG, if you say it is ok, then I will rest easy on that pillow. Being sure not to roll over and get the mint in my hair, of course.

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