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October 27 2006

River's barfight scene-without Summer. The company behind the choreographing of many if not all of Serenity's fight scenes show the previsualization of River's big fight in the bar, using all stunt people. Click on 'Stuntreels' then 'Sample fight scene'.

It is interesting to see what changed from the original choreography to the finished product.

That was quite awesome. And I love that I recognized the song in the background as being from Fifth Element.

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Cool find. I liked the flippy chair of pain.
Too bad they couldn't put all that into the film.
Methinks River had one too many testosterone-flavored Fruity Oaty Bars...
Incredible find. I just sat there the whole time going "oh my god".
I like what it says about the style. They kept all the actual kung fu in and just omitted some ridiculous stuff with chairs. They also slightly rearranged the Maidenhead; the cartwheel down the stairs and down some poor guy's body is absent from this version. Incidentally, that's the only move that injured a stuntman; the stuntwoman came off the cartwheel badly and broke something, or so I heard.
Anyway, I'm wondering who the guy would have been that sicced his henchmen on Not-River.
The bar action was omitted, wasn't it? I don't recall River using the bar to slide bottles.
What a great thing to wake up to! I declare this the find of the week. Those stunt people are higly talented.
The Martial Arts Reel also has Summer/ Serenity, both the fight in the bar and the Reavers fight.
Also a kick-ass cow. I kid you not.
That's really cool, in a painful-looking way.
The third "stunts" reel also has a bit of Jayne hanging off the mule.

Really interesting. But also so interesting in seeing that Summer did, in fact, do most of her stunt work herself.

I agree -- this was the find of the week.
Thanks to Rosie of the Canadian Browncoats for pointing this out to me. And River does use some of the bottles on the bar to take out someone but it is very fast and from a different angle, I think.
Give the finder of this reel an award! This is fantastic but as palehorse says above you can see how much stunt work Summer did for herself in the fight scene as there is way more power and far less balletic grace in the rehearsal version. Am just off to repost a link on Summer's forums!
This is amazing - thanks for finding and sharing this.
wow. That was the best thing to watch first thing in the morning ever!
Great find!!
Unbelievable! What a way to make a living :)
That is fantastic ! It starts off looking like amateur hour at the school gym and then suddenly the stuntwoman explodes into all these balletically graceful beautiful moves. Hard to believe some of those weren't real hits.

(Summer looked even more balletic but I think the stuntwoman delivered more apparent power. You can really see how they adapted things slightly to Summer's more flexible, less 'martial' style)

Great find.
Great find. For those who haven't seen it, the UK DVD has some footage of Summer training for the fight with these guys.

Also amused to see Fifth Element music back. They used a lot of it during early cuts of Serenity.
Wow. That is amazing. I'm watching the clip of River fighting the Reavers over and over. Summer is my hero.
Shiny! The guys know their shit. Check out their bios. We've seen some of the before :) I love me some stunt fightin'.
If you check out the main reel on the first page, a few action clips from Serenity is included. Yeah this is cool. And in my few years of kung fu, I am just a flimsy amateur compared to those people. I am sure those people had years of mastery etc. And I am sure in their stunts they blend styles, very cool.

And btw the kickass cow, that is from kung Pow, an awesome movie, hi-larious indeed! I recommend it, but dont expect high art...

ETA: just looking at the resume of the marital arts styles... my god what do they NOT KNOW! Geez, ranging from thai, to philipino, japanese, chinese. Some of the work in the films involve alot of elbow and knee attacks, which exists in a good number of martial arts systems(at least in Kung fu), but Muay Thai has those in abundance, so I figured someone would know that.

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Wow, I'm glad I found this for you guys. It's kind of ironic though that I seem to be the only person who hasn't been able to watch this yet. Damn not having a connection at home!

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