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October 28 2006

Seth Green's Robot Chicken will produce a half hour Star Wars special. In a joint venture with Lucas Film, Seth Green's Robot Chicken is producing a half hour special to be air during super bowl Sunday.

Thanks go to TWOP and hostile16.

BTW, if you haven't seen "Go for Papa Palpatine!", check it out.
Half hour? That's going to be awesome.
Thanks for sharing, jam2. That was frakin funny. Seth always brings on the funny.
Why is no one else flipping out about this? This is the most fantastic news in ages.
Robot Chicken should remake the prequels. Best Star Wars related entertainment ever, they is. Thank you, gentle protector, for delivering this delicious.
Yay Seth! :-)
Wait so they're gonna do what? Air it against the superbowl? We think this is a good idea?
" BTW, if you haven't seen "Go for Papa Palpatine!", check it out."

Oh that was hilarious! Thanks Jam! "What the hell is an aluminum falcon?!" Ha!

I think its supposed to air at the halftime superbowl show for some network. Im not sure which, but man Seth is a truly a funny guy.
I'm wondering how many ideas Joss Whedon will e-mail Seth Green for this -- dozens?
Here is another great Star Wars parody by Robot Chicken:
Star Wars Spoilers
Menachem, I love that one.

I've never seen Robot Chicken. Interesting.

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