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October 29 2006

(SPOILER) Morena to guest star in How I Met Your Mother. According to, Morena will be in episode 7 of HIMYM, which will air on November 6th.

How many Whedonverse stars can we get in one series? I love the casting team on this show!! (Hope links to TVguide are allowed - couldn't find this anywhere else.) Spoilers - mainly for those who haven't seen up to the end of season 1.

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Oh man! Also, random aside : HIMYM just hit 9.6 million viewers. It's nearly at the 10 million mark. It's roughly doubled it's audience since launch, which is a very good sign for this running for some time to come. They're doin' good.

Damn you brunch!
Morena on November 6th and Nathen on 'Lost' on Nov. 8th. A very nice way to get over the bad news of the last few weeks. Hopefully she'll be on the show a lot more!
I think Jewel Staite could easy find a place on 'How I Met Your Mother' as well.
Suit Up!

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Wow, I did not see this one coming. Morena keeps popping up all over my favourite shows! How lucky am I?
No, argh, my eyes! Spoiler alert for those living in Australia and, I suppose, elsewhere. Clicking the link was a bad idea.
Sorry, buffy_kitten - didn't really think to check the spoiler box. Very ignorant of me.
Don't worry about it - I knew vaguely stuff that happened in the season finale, so it's not a huge surprise for me. Knowing that Morena's in the show makes it worth it! :)
I think Jewel Staite could easy find a place on 'How I Met Your Mother' as well.
Suit Up!

At a convention this summer, Jewel spoke about guest appearances on shows and said that it is difficult since she lives in Canada and they have to do this whole immigration thing to get her down to the States. Shows don't generally consider it worth it. Luckily for her, a lot of shows still film in Vancouver.
How about we just change the name of HIMYM to Serenity and hire Joss to be show runner? You think anyone would object?
Wow, and I thought Veronica Mars was able to get a lot of Jossverse alunmni. HIMYM has managed to have Alexis and Amy guest as well as Alyson's starring role. Now Morena! I can't wait to see this, and the episode description certainly is interesting.
FYI, I just went to the TV guide schedule and it looks like the episode is actually airing on Monday the 6th.
Isn't Morena always on shows that gets cancelled? =P

OMG *knocks on wood*

I love HIMYM.
You know, seeing as this airs on a Monday, I would imagine that will be on the 6th, not the 7th. I didn't even notice that.

Edited (again) to reflect that - thanks miri47!
This is better than brunch! ;-)

Funny thing is, ;-)
It's great to see Morena on the show, even though the plot's a little unfair to her character (or is it?). But it should be a great week. Morena on HIMYM, wefinally never have to see election ads agina (at least for another two years), and then Nathan on "Lost". And people think Thanksgiving is on the 23rd this year (in the US).
I love this show, and now Morena in it? How great is that?
But according to epguides, 2x07 will air on Oct 30th (even the title matches)
I checked. They're repeating the "Slutty Pumpkin" episode from last season. This means we see Morena Nov. 7
Crazy eyes? Gee, I wonder where they got that from. I'll definitely be watching it.
Damn it! How in the name of all that's shiny am I supposed to see it if I only got basic cable? Plus my TV's a pile of unadulterated crap:(

Does anybody know if it has a Canadian broadcaster (like CTV, who does the CSI shows?) Cuz I don't think I have a reliable CBS affiliate anywhere near enough to have it included as "basic" cable:(
The episodes are normally

Am I allowed to rec that??

(No - Simon)

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I think we should get the credit for this for telling Morena at Cubed that she should do more comedy...
For those who don't get HIMYM, try They put their shows up on "innertube", I'm not sure how long after they air. (Although I'm not sure if this is restricted to the US...)
I decided to give this show another chance last week and enjoyed it. I stopped watching mainly because I found the lead character absolutely aggravating and it felt quite lacking compared to My Name is Earl which comes on straight after. Luckily, I tuned back in when I did because the first ep Alexis Denisof airs next week over here.

Also, could Aly and Jason Segal be any cuter together?
So excited about this. Morena is great with the funny. HIMYM just keeps getting better and better.
Now I have to watch two more episodes of TV that week ;-). As a note of interest, Jewel's husband, Matt Anderson, had a bit (speaking) part on the October 13th episode of Men in Trees.

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