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October 29 2006

BtVS special effects makeup artist offers tips to ratchet up the ew this Halloween. Accompanying photo and some of the article are a bit graphic & gross, but if you're looking for that special recipe to gore up it up next week, Kelman's your man.

This quote confused me:

"You don't have to be embarrassed when you're buying [K-Y] because you know it's for Halloween and not for other purposes,"

I am not sure what he means - I buy mine to use as lubricant during sexual intercourse. What are the embarrassing uses?
What are the embarrassing uses?

... for a peanut butter and (ky)jelly sandwich.

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People are always banging on about corn syrup. I don't know what it is! Is it possible to get it in England?
Corn syrup is also a lubricant, it is THE lubricant. Don't listen to the K-Y Jelly crazy talk, those people just can't handle the truth.
*ahem*. This is not, get back on topic.
Simon is a prude! Simon is a prude! *giggles* Just teasing, of course! :-D

Jona, corn syrup is a thick viscous syrup (not unlike maple syrup in texture) that is usually used as a sweetener, but it also can be dyed red and makes for WONDERFUL f/x blood. Many makeup artists use it as such. Hope that helped!

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