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October 30 2006

CBR interviews Wonderfalls creator. Bryan Fuller talks about what the future of the show might have been and the troubles with the network. Plus comments on "Dead Like Me", "Heroes", "Carrie" and "Star Trek".

Article features pic from "Heroes" featuring Ali Larter and Leonard Roberts which of now is sort of spoilery - but that's it.

Somehow his name had escaped me before. No wonder I am enjoying Heroes. I reallly liked both Wonderfalls and Dead Like me - (both of which had Jewel Staite in them.)
Hey, thanks for posting this, Numfar. Wonderfalls has kind of fallen off our map of late as there's been nothing left to talk about, but this is a cool reminder of a great show that died way too young. Loved to hear thoughts on how it might have evolved over the next two seasons (Jaye's Charlotte Light and Dark storyline? Fantastic.) and *surprise, surprise* sorry that we never had the chance to see it grow up. /runs upstairs to grab the set and put it by the tv for re-viewing, and lending outward
I've liked pretty much everything he's laid his hands on thus far. I had suspected the Carrie remake, which I liked, was opened up for a TV series, but hadn't seen it confirmed. I miss Wonderfalls an awful lot, but trying to deal with sexual issues (and later religious issues) is pretty much death on network television. Maybe in twenty years.
"Charlotte Light and Dark storyline"
I got that - I've just started season 3 of "Six Feet Under." Great, great show. I really did wonder if Nate died. Interesting that that show has no trouble portraying gay sex and religious issues. Cable.

I so much wish Wonderfalls had continued. It started out good and just got better and better with each episode. I want to see how the story progresses. I want to see the ups and downs of Jaye's relationship with "what's his name" (Eric). I gave a copy of the DVD set to my boyfriend and he loved it. I forced it upon a friend of mine who is a minister - I'm waiting to hear what she thinks.
Getting hooked on "Dead Like Me" repeats on Sci-Fi, and now reading from Bryan Fuller about how Showtime ruined it, makes me more mad at Showtime....especially about how the finale last week suggested that Krystal from Happy Time was now on to George. Besides, wouldn't the "OC" or "One Tree Hill" need Ellen Muth to liven things up? Better yet, add her to "Heroes."
Speaking of "Heroes" I have a soft spot for Claire, and hopes she gets Bad Dad before he (maybe) gets rid of her. I sure like to know how Peter and Issac can find her, but that's what sweeps are for.

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I've been trying to get some Caroline Dhavernas films in honor of her fine performance on Wonderfalls. I got the Canadian import version of These Girls which had many more DVD extras than the US DVD. Though I admit I haven't watched the film yet...

Currently I've been waiting for her film Niagara Motel to be released on DVD in the United States. But so far no domestic release. It came out in Canada on DVD as a Blockbuster Canada exclusive (not available through the United States Blockbuster, not even the online system). Then it came out as a regular retail DVD in Canada -- so it can be imported but it costs $30, an outrageous price for a DVD.

Still no US release. I'm guessing the film must be terrible for it to not even get a direct-to-video release in the US, but I still want to see it because Dhavernas was so good in Wonderfalls.
I have both These Girls (very good film) and Niagara Motel (not bad). The commentary is great by the way, on the These Girls disc. If it's not on all versions, make sure you pick up the one that has it. I think mine is Canadian.

Not a day goes by when I don't think about how much it sucks that Wonderfalls was cancelled. Though I'm currently directing this mental venom at NBC for cancelling Studio 60... fools.
I want me some more Amazing Screw On Head!
Olaf, I think you're mistaken. As far as I know, Studio 60 hasn't been cancelled yet.
Wow! Deep Space Nine, Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me, and The Amazing Screw-On Head?! That's a helluva resume. I can accept it as the mini-series it was, but I sure wish Wonderfalls could have lasted as long as DS9.
I think ElectricSpaceGirl is right -- according to, Studio 60 is back next week.
Wow, same guy behind 'Dead Like Me' (which I still enjoyed after he'd left though his version does sound more ambitious) and 'Wonderfalls' also worked on DS9 and 'Heroes' ? Not bad so far.

I wish I could go back and do it all over, but time is linear.

Geek ! ;)

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