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October 30 2006

'Redeemed' - New Angel guide coming out soon. It's written by the same people who wrote 'Dusted' and it'll be out at the end of November.

Yay! Thanks! I really enjoyed Dusted, except where they screwed up a little, but I loved the sidebars and the sections for the episodes . Looking forward to this!
I hated Dusted. They did nothing but complain about every episode in seasons 5-7. They never had anything good to say, it was always some complaint about something. Even for the really great episodes that everyone agrees were great, they would find one flaw and gripe about it. I do not enjoy the TWOP type of "fan".
^I also hated when they would point things out and then give the episode a bad review. They would point things out that mostly no one would notice. I still enjoyed though.
Agree on staking Dusted. For all their complaints about seasons 5 through 7, they never made any case for why they were kvetching so much. If they disliked the darkness, or the long plot arcs, or the episodes that bridged across those long arcs, I can't imagine how they're going to have anything nice to say about Angel season 4.

For all that, yeah, it was a pretty comprehensive coverage, with a lot of detail that I didn't see elsewhere, but the negativity just grated after a while.
oh, that cover art is nice.

this looks decent, but yes, Dusted was a bit of an odd book, so i'll wait to see what people say about this once it's out.
I'm really glad to hear there is a new Angel guide but are we never going to get the official guide to Angel Season 5? Angel Casefiles volumes I & II stop short of including the last Angel series. It's too bad there isn't a publisher who's willing to buy the license to publish Angel novels :(
More Angel goodness is never a bad thing. Thanks for the information.
“Who is Angel’s True Love?”

Little, blond, feisty, blue eyes, good with a kick and a quip. Why Spike of course. :0)
All the way lynnie. The smooch in Innocence says it all. :P
Spangel wasn't obvious?!
*laughs cynically*
Less of the shipping comments, get back on the topic.
Whatever might be inside the book, the cover is still awesome :) And I'm not just saying that because the double looks more like Doyle than Angel... ;)
For an unofficial guide, it is a very good cover indeed.
Sorry Simon, it was just a joke.
I'm psyched for this - I seem to have accumulated several of the Buffy guides and Dusted is the one I always turn to. I appreciate their creative fanwanking. They are negative about the later seasons but they're entitled to their opinions.
Personally, I'm fond of Dusted, precisely because of its negativity. When I read Dusted, I disagree with it, often vociferously. It challenges me to think about my favorite episodes, to figure out why they're good, and why the authors are wrong. I wouldn't read it nearly as much if I was constantly saying to myself, "You know, you're right, that was awesome." I prefer a debate to agreeing.

That said, I'm excited for Redeemed, as well as a little weary as to how it'll treat the series. I'm a bigger Angel fan than a Buffy fan, so I may not cotton to criticism quite as much. But so long as they have rip She a new one, I'll be happy.

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