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October 30 2006

Adam Baldwin finds Day Break Nov 15th. When his new show starts on ABC in a 2 hour premiere at 9pm ET. The show stars Taye Diggs as a guy who keeps living the same day over and over. Reminder: Standoff (with Gina Torres) is back tonight at a new time 8pm ET on FOX.

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"a guy who keeps living the same day over and over"...'cos that's never been done before.

In all fairness, I checked out the clips and...

No. But good for Adam, and I hope he finds the breakout role my wife and I (and so many others) think he deserves.

I still think the "But we won't CARE!" line from Hamilton in Not Fade Away is one of the funniest moments in TV history.
Jeff Bell is the showrunner of this series, too!
Well, I'll give it a try. He is the Hero of Canton, after all!
Trailers are crap, but I'd do anything for Adam.

Hear me adam? A-n-y-t-h-i-n-g.

The premise sounds boring, I give you that, but Taye Diggs is *awesome*!

Check out "Equilibrium", one sci-fi film that is even better than Matrix (just without bullit time, alas), with Christian Bale.
Okay for me, this is just Tru Calling, but with a guy instead. And a REALLY long bad day, that he can't seem to get right.
This is a shame, because Taye Diggs (one of the sexiest men in existance, and a really marvellous, nice person (Kevin Hill shot in my neighbourhood in Toronto and he was around the place a lot)) deserves a good meaty role that he can show his chops in for a while. And the previews for this...they look like 7 episodes, tops.
I'm surprised everyone is so quick to dismiss this based on the familiarity of the premise. Look at how Bones turned out, and it was another forensic investigation show.
Grounded, I found Bones unwatchable, too.

But you're right, a familiar premise is not a guarantee of a bad show. But this looks horrible.
Check out "Equilibrium", one sci-fi film that is even better than Matrix (just without bullit time, alas), with Christian Bale.

Oh man, I wouldn't those two films in the same league, or the same sentence. The only thing I really remember off hand about "Equilibrium" was screaming "KILL THE DOG!!" at the screen.
I wouldn't say that the trailer looks horrible. It looks typical, which means that it could be good or it could be bad. Let's hope for the former.
Hmm, thought 'Daybreak' may have died a death since things seemed to go very quiet on that front. Not exactly dying to see it but I may give it a shot in case they've found something new to do with a procedural.

'Equilibrium' had its moments I thought though it loses its way before the end, IMO (starts off a fairly thoughtful distopian view of the future a la '1984' or 'Fahrenheit 451' then devolves a bit). Liked the gun kata idea (even if it'd be pretty daft - and suicidally useless - in real life). To me it doesn't hold together as well as 'The Matrix' all the way through but horses/courses etc. (and Bale's always good value).
Grounded, I found Bones unwatchable, too.

Actually I meant Bones was a decent show in an already overpopulated sub-genre. But yeah, it was kinda tough to watch DB for the first few eps ;)
I saw a preview for this in the theater while waiting for Man of the Year to start. Had no clue Adam was in it. I'll have to set a reminder to check it out.
This show tested extremely well for ABC, they are promoting it like crazy and they have to be fully behind it to put it into Lost's timeslot. I'm just saying.

ETA: I actually have very little interest in this show and I don't really care that Adam is in it. I am just pointing out the facts and I will probably catch the first ep in order to make a judgement.

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.... am I the only one who got excited after seeing the previews? I agree with TamaraC - if they're willing to put it in the Lost timeslot they must have a lot of faith in it.

And it's Adam. In a suit. Do I need to say anymore? ;)
I liked Adam better with Vera in his arms.
Maybe Bill Murray will make a guest appearance.

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