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"I don't dance."
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April 22 2003

We're closed for good now. A pic of Joss on set, a very poignant image.

He's wearing a Strong Bad shirt!! Oh right. ::sniffle sniffle:: Dammit.
Nobody is going to pay to see that movie. Oh, now I get it. [weeps]
Y'know, I feel all sad looking at the picture then I notice the Strong Bad t-shirt and I get all excited, like "Oh My God! Joss is into Homestar Runner! I knew it! That is SOOOO cool!"

So I'm no longer sad. Except I'm supposed to be sad, 'cause Buffy's over. Right?

Maybe I should e-mail Strong Bad about this... :-)
anyone else feel a little twingy-kick-in-the-heart feeling after seeing that pic?

Me too. *sniffle*

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