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"Oh, I got heathens aplenty right here."
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October 31 2006's Top 11 Scream Queens. Sarah Michelle Gellar comes in at number two in this Halloween inspired list.

I think they got that right, that for most, SMG will always be Buffy; she who inspired fear, not as the screamer/victim type. Heck, when I first saw the headline up there, um...XANDER came to mind as the Scream Queen of Buffy! :)
Grace, I spit tea on my poor little keyboard while reading your post. :) I agree, Xander is definitely the Scream Queen of Buffy. And SMG will always be a Vamp kicking Super-Hero to me, no matter how many 'victims' she portrays in the movies.
XANDER: The representative from syphilis votes yea.
"Grace, I spit tea on my poor little keyboard while reading your post. :) "

So sorry! LOL.

LOL I'm glad the Syphilonians (or would that be Syphilites?) have a vote!

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I would actually give early Cordielia the scream queen title.
I would actually give early Cordielia the scream queen title.

Or later, Dawn.

That leaves S4 for Xander and his Chumash Syphilis.
What about early Wesley? He might be a good candidate...
I must agree, Xander is the scream queen while Buffy was the hero that saved the day. Gosh, I miss BtVS!

Yes, k8cre8. Wesley was certainly a weak sister in the first two seasons of AtS, however I think Joss (and his writers) did an impressive job with his character in the later seasons. Gosh, I miss AtS.

Guess I'm just missing my "Joss TV". Hmm, that has a better ring than "CW". Just my silly brain running that circuit thing.
Don't forget that Buffy was the hero who saved the day by screaming in Hush. The title of Scream Queen would certainly fit her in that episode :)

Willow was a bit of a Scream Queen early on as well. I'd rate Dopplegangland as her best screaming moment.
I don't know. I don't think SMG is really a Screan Queen in the same sense as Jamie Lee Curtis, who did "Halloween," "Prom Night," and "Terror Train." And the purist in me wants to shout that if Buffy made the list, then where the &*$%#@ is Heather Langenkamp? I mean, she fought an incorporeal dream beast, and she didn't even have Slayer strength! Do Oklahomans get no love at all?

Still, it's wonderful to see a Buffy shout-out on the list. The fact that SMG is right behind JLC only underscores how much influence Buffy had...I'd say "Halloween" is maybe the second-most influential horror movie of all time, so "BtVS" ranked behind that is quite a compliment.
Yea Oklahoma! ahem.
I know nothing about horror movies so I do not understand the Oklahoma reference other than assuming someone named Heather Langenkamp is from there. However, I'll join the Oklahoma love soley on the basis of my mother and grandfather having been born and raised there. Oklahoma, OK!

(Sings under her breath, "Sooner, boomer, sooner boomer, sooner boomer, sooner boomer...")
Madhatter, I'm right there with you. Wesley became my favorite character in the Buffyverse, because of how they handled his arc. As much as I miss Angel, there's part of me that would find it hard to watch without Wesley. Of course, I still would, but, it'd just be tougher. I can live in denial, you know that Wesley's still fighting "rogue demons" somewhere. Oh, and Cordelia's doing that, too. And, um. Yeah.
While I agree that Buffy's scream in Hush was pivotal, the best Scooby scream was the gang opening the Magic Box door in Tabula Rasa. That shot was even my wallpaper for a long time.

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