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November 01 2006

(SPOILER) David Boreanaz interview in latest Fox promo. There are also spoilers for Standoff and other shows. Bones is back on tonight at 8:00 pm.

Him and Emily look very cute together.

I am very excited to see Bones back! I can't wait to see where the eps go.

They look great together, too bad they weren't given more air time. The clips of them on the TV Guide site gave them a chance to talk. However, Emily said she likes to interrupt, so she had her chance here. They really do seem like a married couple sometimes the way they play off one another. I can't wait to see the new episode tonight.
I've reworded your title to make it more appropriate for the front page.
Also tonight's verse guest on Bones is Kali Rocha (Cecily/Halfrek from BtVS). Thus the tradition continues and I wonder if anyone ever pointed out all the verse guest that keep showing up to David.
I had forgotten that the scientist guy who has a thing for whats-her name that does the visual renderings (I am so bad with names) appeared on Ats, working at Wolfram and Hart. The other night I was watching the S5 episode where Lorne reveals he has had his sleep removed and there he was. -Cool-

On a side note: It would make make it sooooooo much easier for me to be able to watch Bones if they did not have so many really yucky images. I either have to remember to tape it and find time to watch it later, or barracade myself in the bedroom during prime family time because it is just too grusome for my 10 year old.
So not only does Kali Rocha show up in tonight's episode, but the hotel where the little girl disappears is named The Hyperion.
Oh gosh, I saw Kali Rocha, but I totally missed the Hyperion!
I'm so glad this is finally back on. And newcj, I just realized that TJ Thyne was on Angel too. I was watching season 5 last night and saw him playing some W & H aid to Angel in the first episode.
Heard the Hyperion mentioned on Bones! Love it when they slip a little "verse" into the mix !
Just watching it now and came over here to geek out. "Hyperion Hotel"! Woohoo!!!

(On a side note, cool to see Kyle "Beaver Casablancas" Gallner in this episode too. ETA: and Lisa "Celeste Kane" Thornhill.)

BTW, I can't recall: Did Kali Rocha ever share a scene with DB on Buffy? ETA: I guess they were both in Fool for Love, but I don't think in the same scene...

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Thank you Jam2 - I knew that I'd seen both of them before (the VM folks).

It was great to see Kali Rocha last night on Bones - she did a good job of misdirection as the Pageant Mom. We keep seeing Ms. Rocha all around TV, I hope that this is just the beginning of bigger and better things for her.

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