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November 01 2006

(SPOILER) An advance review of Angel: Auld Lang Syne #1. So what the reviewer think of the Angel and Spike team-up? "This is a quality addition to the canon... Smart, funny and violent". Sounds good. This comic book will be out later this month.

Simon, I'm a little confused on the different Angel/Spike CBs out and how many. Am I right that there's a Spike Series, an Angel Series and this one? How many issues in each series?
So far there's been two Angel mini-series (The Curse and Old Friends) and two Spike ones (Spike versus Dracula and Spike: Asylum). From what I remember there's about 5 issues to each mini-series. There's also been individual one-shots as well focusing on Spike and other Angel characters.

Here's a handy timeline of the comic books released so far (doesn't include October) and their estimated sales figures.
Here's a list of the various IDW comics

Angel:The Curse Five Issue Mini-Series
Spike:Old Times One-Shot
Spike:Old Wounds One-Shot
Angel:Old Friends Five Issue Mini-Series
Spike:Lost And Found One-shot
Spike vs.Dracula Five Issue Mini-Series
Angel Spotlight:Illyria One-shot
Angel Spotlight:Gunn One-Shot
Angel Spotlight:Wesley One-Shot
Angel Spotlight:Doyle One-Shot
Angel Spotlight:Conner One-Shot
Spike:Asylum Five Issue Mini-Series(issue 3 is out this month)
Angel:Masks Anthology One-shot(came out a week ago)
Angel:Auld Lang Syne Five Issue Mini-Series(issue 1 comes out this month)

There is also seven issues of the Angel Scriptbooks and a second Angel cover gallery covering,Old Friends coming out.The first Angel cover gallery was for The Curse.

As for the review,it sounds like this is like The Curse and Old Friends in that it vaguely takes place after NFA.They can't get very specific on that from my understanding.Although the beginning doesn't sound like it matches the end of Old Friends.

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Thanks to both for the link and the list!
Great review. I thoroughly enjoyed Scott Tipton's writing for Spike and Angel in Spike: Lost and Found - so I'll be looking forward to this comic.
After all the hype, I bought the Angel oneshot, Masks but wasn't all that thrilled. I keep coming back to these comics, needing my Buffyverse fix but they aren't doing the trick for me.
I'm happy for those who are enjoying them though.
Also you can find some info at the wiki-page for "Angel comics".

I just read Spike vs Dracula. I had high expectations but they were exceeded, It would be great news if Peter David returns to the Buffyverse.
For now,Peter David is exclusive to Marvel comics.I would love to see him write another Buffyverse comic too though.
I enjoyed the Spike vs Dracula series, but the current Spike:Asylum is a superior product, in both the writing and the art work, IMO.

I don't understand why the writer, or the reviewer for that matter, thinks that the Angel & Spike dynamic is still all about violence and hatred toward each other. Last time I watched season 5, by the end, they were working as partners in an atmosphere of mutual respect.
That's true, anindoorkitty, but I would say there was always tension between them even in NFA, ie Angel volunteering to the Circle of the Black Thorn to kill Spike and Spike volunteering to be the one to fake-betray Angel ("Can I at least deny you three times"?). There was also camraderie and respect by NFA, but the idea that I got from Season 5 was that S&A had had that respect off-and-on (and no, I'm not getting into whatever else they may have had going on "off-and-on") for as long as they'd known each other, especially as depicted in "Destiny", and that something always came along to turn them against each other and then it was back to the violence, and that they could go on doing that forever (being vampires and all).
Dalton I really really liked Spike Vs Dracula too, but so far I am enjoying the Asylum series as well. It's slightly less witty, but the action and plot are excellent.
I enjoyed the Spike vs Dracula series, but I agree with Anindoorkitty....the Spike: Asylum series is turning out to be quite a treat.
I love the originality and the new characters Brian has introduced us to are pretty cool.
Plus...I think he really LIKES Spike.
That is what impresses me...that Spike is treated like a hero and doesn't play second fiddle to anyone.

Auld Lang Syne looks like an interesting series though and I do enjoy seeing the boys together...especially when Spike drives Angel crazy...HEEEEE!!!! Love it!!!!!
I also think that it has to be set somehow after NFA, but I wish Joss would get involved someday and let these great writers go ahead and tell us what happened in that alley...or just give us an ATS S6...7...8.....
It's pretty obvious that our vamps came out of it OK...but why are they at odds again??? Of course...these two usually DID find something to squabble about huh? Must all be part of that deep
'love hate' thing they've got going or good old fashioned sibling rivalry.

Ohhh...almost forgot....Masks was not really very deep as far as subject matter went, but just the adorable Puppet Angel part on his 'date' with Nina was priceless. Way too cute!!!!!!!

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I agree, Spike:Asylum is quite a treat, indeed. Looking forward to the next issue. Auld Lang Syne looks good and I will be getting that one as well. Will they never run out of ways to get my money?!?!?
I too am enjoying "Spike: Asylum" a lot, so far. "Spike vs Dracula" was very good as well, imho. "Angel: Old Friends", however, was pretty mediocre. Hopefully this one will be better...

Fans of the more evolved Angel/Spike relationship should (I hope) find plenty to like in AULD LANG SYNE. Just to be more precise, the reviewer (whom I apparently owe a considerable bribe to -- WOW, was that a pleasant surprise) was actually discussing the first three issues of the series, and there's probably more of Angel and Spike working together in the series than there is the two being at odds. I'm a huge fan of ANGEL Season 5, and the slowly growing, grudging respect between the two is one of my favorite things about it.

Hopefully you'll give it a look, and let me know what you think.

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