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November 01 2006

New trailer for SMG's movie Happily Never After. Sarah provides the voice of Ella, a role she recorded over three years ago, who is the leader of a group of fairy tale heroes. Edited: Also, the official site has opened in preparation for a January 2007 release: Here.

This trailer and premise looks very good, I love when we twist premises and look at them much differently.

Thanks go to Eleagold at smgfan. I dont actually find these things, I am pointed that way by other people!

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I think this sounds very intresting. I like the trailer.
That looks rather adorable. But I'm also a sucker for those spins on well-known fairy tales.
I thought this sounded stupid at first and I was unintrested in another computer graphic Fairy Tale movie. But it looks like this has great potential. Plus the added bonus of Sarah.
Was it just me or did Sarah not have a line in that trailer?
Thank you for noticing kmb99!

She said "oh" twice.

She may as well be an extra with no lines and no paycheck.

I think that's HILARIOUS with a capital funny.
Ah, escape from all that nasty reality - I like it!
Plus, "prince envy"!
Yeah, hitnrun017, thought so too until I actually watched the trailer. Looks hilarious! Though I'm guessing that German synchro will be a bitch.

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