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November 02 2006

Summer Knight, behind the scenes. June Williams, Vice President of Buzzy Multimedia, answers some questions regarding James Marsters involvement in the Dresden recordings.

There is a link to an interview with Butcher who talks about Marsters and also pictures of doing recordings.

Damn...I have never gotten into audio books, but it sounds like James does an excellent job with these novels. I may just have to invest. Nice to hear so much praise for James and all facets of his incredible talent.
You know...sometimes the child in me who loves animation, would love to see James do the voice of a character in an animated film. Too bad cartoon Buffy never got a chance......sigh.....
James' readings of the first three Dresden books are absolutely fantastic. I can't wait to get my hands on the fourth! I love his character voices--he makes just the right amount of differentiation between the different voices, so they still sound distinct and unique to that character, but they never get to the point where they sound squeaky or ridiculous. It's very real, and marvelously entertaining. (And hearing those steamy Harry/Susan scenes read by James? YOWZA.)

He has a fantastic sense of timing, and he's a perfectly match for Jim Butcher's (the author's) sense of humor. I can't help but grin like a loony every time he reads Thomas' lines in "Grave Peril," and his Bob-voice is the perfect blend of erudite, smart-assed, and delightfully lecherous. His Harry-voice is so spot-on perfect that I'd gladly overlook his height (Harry is 6'7") to see him take on the role in the upcoming Dresden Files TV show. Alas, that was not to be, though he was rumored to be Butcher's choice, as well.

Go on and pick up the series! The books are fabulous, and James' readings are like a three inch thick layer of icing on the cake. Check 'em out!

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Thanks Priscellie...I think I will do just that...
Do these things come in regular CD's or do you have to have an MP3 player? I don't so I am asking...and yeah...I know but techno wizard I am NOT!!!!!!!
You can buy them in either version. I chose the cd-mp3 version because it was cheaper and I just wanted to play them on my iPod and on my computer, but they're available in regular audio cd format for those who prefer it that way.
Fantastic article, thanks for posting this spikey. I've got the first two audio books and really need to get the next two aswell.

I love how they mention that he acts not just with his voice, but with his whole face and body. He's such a passionate performer, what's not to love. I really like seeing behind the scenes pictures. It'd be nice if they filmed some of it sometime too.

No Red Bull!!! How does he cope. LOL. :0)
It's interesting how he had a big hand in getting the pilot made. I really REALLY wanted him to play Harry in the series, but with the location it wasn't meant to be.
That's a really terrific interview. Very informative, it covered a lot of bases. And I agree with them that he's improved with each book. Having those first 3 chapters free online will be best of all.
The only reason I bought the first Dresden book was cause James was doing the audiobooks. They are a fantastic read and I adore them. Btw in the UK, the publisher seems to focus more on the crime aspect than the supernatural - well judging by the covers anyhow.
Fascinating, insightful interview. James' character voices have been brilliant so far and its great to find out more about the processes behind the recording of these audiobooks.

The Dresden books are excellent, full of rich characters and interesting plots.
And did you notice they are gonna have them in MP3s right from the start. So I won't have to wait a year to get it :)

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