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November 02 2006

The most underrated TV stars. Entertainment Weekly readers pick Nathan Fillion as one of those actors who deserve more fame.

Nathan Fillion? Deserves more fame?

Let me be the first in the thread to say: "Well, DUH!"
This is so quoted for gorram truth.

Nathan Fillion jeez, who the frack don't love him?!?
He is indeed super awesome.
Yep, he's a great man. Or a good one at least. Well, he's alright.
My computer's slow so I can't see who else is listed. But just in case he isn't, and therefore kind of proving my point, I'd like to add James Marsters to the list. How this man hasn't been given his own show is a mystery. He's amazing.
I saw "Slither" for the first time at a Halloween party last weekend. Why is this man not ridiculously famous?
I loved Slither! This man is not only gorgeous BUT very talanted as well. Maybe White Noise 2 will make some notice. I deffinatly will be there.

Oh and they have Jensen Ackles and Tahmoh Penikett(Helo, BSG) there as well. Both men are also very hot and very good actors.

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I think I voted in this poll, but yes - he MORE than deserves it. Nathan has long since been my favorite actor period. Not just for his massive talent, but his personality gets some points as well.
Well, I hope Mr. Fillion's appearance on Lost will help add to his fame (even though I have to admit Lost is sucking this season) -- he's in the flashback in the big cliffhanger next Wednesday. If not that, then White Noise 2 might bring Nathan the fame he deserves. If not that, then the Fox network deal he signed might do it. If not that, then the world just won't make any sense to me at all, at least not the world of movies and television. (Oh, wait a minute -- after the whole "release the hounds" thing Universal did to 11th Hour, the world of movies and television already doesn't make sense to me.) ;-)
Go Captain!

Also, Caroline Dhavernas should definitely be on this list. That girl is the definition of awesome, at least in my book. And my book know...a good one.
Pretty good list all around. Other than Nathan, I got to agree with David Hyde Pearce, the guys from Supernatural. Helo from BSG too, but I don't think he's the most underrated actor on that show. Michael Hogan (TIgh) absolutely blew me away in the New Caprica arc, and after last week, I'd line up to see Alessandro Juliani (Gaeta) in anything.
Yay for Nathan. I definitely agree about him. I'd like to add Josh Charles and maybe Aron Eisenberg and Richard Schiff (he's got quite a few parts, but he's really great)
The great thing about Nathan too is that he does both comedy and drama well, so he was a really healthy range (anywhere from our friendly Cap'n to creepy as sin Caleb). He really should be offered a lot more stuff.
Well, duh. Nathan definitely deserves more fame. There are very few actors I've seen who are as multi-talented as him.

James Marsters should also be on that list.
How could they have overlooked James Marsters?!?
Cos he's so underrated he doesn't even rate the underrated list ?
Kid Congo Powers - word to the Caroline Dhavernas. So smart, so talented - in my book she gets at least a chapter to herself. With lots of references in the index.
How could they have overlooked James Marsters?!?

Because not enough Entertainment Weekly website readers suggested him?
Nathan was awesome in Slither, I can't wait to pick up the DVD. He's consistently good in every project I've ever seen him in, so it's nice to see EW shine a much deserved spotlight his way.

And Jensen Ackles definitely deserves to be a movie star. He's amazing in Supernatural, and was the only reason to watch the dreck that was Dark Angel. He acted planet sized orbits around Jessica Alba...why she's starring in blockbusters and not Ackles seriously boggles the mind.
I was bummed when I found out he was supossed to be the Jason preistly character on Tru Calling. Smallville got him first. I would have loved to see Eliza and Jensen in scenes together.
Saturn Girl, c'mon. You know the answer to that question. Jensen Ackles doesn't look as good in a bikini.
and it took these people HOW many years to figureout this brain buster?

I shall echo with my own


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